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The latest on Hermann Weber

After my recent post on male-model-at-large Hermann Weber, a friend of the site, Barbarella, sent in the photos above and some info. Apparently, Hermann is in a new movie called Kristo, about the stories of a cockfighting bookmaker [kristo] and the “Maleldo”, a one-week commemoration of Holy Week in San Pedro Cutud [San Fernando, Pampanga], which event winds up with the actual nailing of penitents on wooden crosses on Good Friday. Kristo was a semi-finalist in the 2008 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival (full-length feature category), under the directorial debut of UP Film Institute’s Jerwin Espiritu. So there, Hermann is now an actor!
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  1. Pero ang gwapo nya in the sense that he looks manly. In other words, hindi siya maganda.

    I was just thinking, I hope he can act very well because if he does, he might be able to make in in showbiz, provided that:

    one, he change his screen name — Hermann Weber doesn’t make a good screen name for one reason or the other;

    two, he give it a lot of thought since acting is a serious job, and the public knows better.

    I’ll catch this indie file once it’s shown commercially (on in most cases, in UP.)

    Good luck!

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