The Player

I’m not sure if the latest photo shoot of Joseph Marco was intentionally conceptualized as testimonial to the King of the Casting Couch tag. It’s no secret how the bit player persevered to get the lead roles in showbiz.  Sometimes, it’s enough that one has a pretty face and a bangin’ bod. Those two attributes will get you anywhere in show business.

44 thoughts on “The Player”

  1. As he gets a little bit mature, his real hotness shines through…just hope the bulge is more visible for us to fantasize more.

  2. pareho lang gawain ng mga brapanese dito, yun talaga mga suki ng casting couch , pinagsawaan sa brazil at asia, pilipinas lang nnagtitiyaga sa kanila!!

  3. Kung sino man ang magmamay-ari nito in the future eh hindi papayag maangkin pa nang iba!Susme nakakabaliw ka Marcoooo!!!!!!

  4. Lol he’s gay and has been hitting up mostly on his fellow brazilian models and caucasian models here in the PH

    1. “…on his fellow brazilian models and caucasian models here in the PH”

      Di cya caucasian or brazilian Bax! Sadyang stupid/tanga ka lungz!


  5. Gwapo. Maganda katawan.
    Mag Peter Fever na lang siya.
    Mas may chance pa siyag sumikat talaga as a pro porn actor 🙂

  6. Kayo nman. Pogi. Maganda katawan. Nkaka-arte nman. Pede na yan. Parang Diether Ocampo ang peg. May class. Walang felix bakat na pictorial ha, kya lalo nka2 sabik isubo. Halabyu, Marco J!

  7. Kudos to him for working (too) hard to get to where he is. But he’s getting older; it makes you wonder how much longer he can do this ‘sexy boy’ thing.

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