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The Pout: Carlo Adorador

Carlo Ian Adorador is one of the more popular male models in town. He is the original pout in the glitzy world of modeling. The 6’0″-tall mod has practically done every commercial and tv campaign, aside from blitzing through the runways for major fashion designers and brands. And by the way, his secret to firmer buns [see photo] is this program: dumbbell lunges, dumbbell dead lift, barbell squats, advance dumbbell lunge, and unilateral barbell squat/ split squat.
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  1. CATWALK TO RETIREMENT! when is a model due to throw in the towel? has carlo seen the stagelights dimming or flickering on his chosen career? $40000 questions only a print copy could give an accurate answer. NO dumbbells, sti-ups, bowflex or belo clinical sessions could 100%save the aging process past age 25. REALITY BITES (or SUCKS) and MIRACLE is all there is left to hope for. the rest are all headed SOUTH… CARLO, ITS TIME TO COME HOME TO MAMA. (hope you saved some money). *****

  2. wow, somebody sounds very bitter… perhaps a failed model? hehehe

    Carlo is still at the top of his game, so why should he throw in the towel because some bitter old queen says so?

  3. If models should retire looking like that then my bedroom can be their retirement home. Whose indecent proposition did Carlo reject to merit such bitter comment anyway?

    Top model or not, he looks hot to me.

  4. SORRY, I do not answer counter-opinions. that belongs to the “ALL OUT” post. i can smell a gas soaked wick ready to fire up. GO, jump to that post, you’ll have more FUN there! *****

  5. he was my classmate in don bosco when i was in elementary. he’s kinda bobo. mukhang tama na nag model na lang siya.

  6. TOO LATE TO GO JUMP! “ALL OUT”‘ has been decapitated. my advice… wait for the next harry, justin, johnron or latest on piolo & sam post. GUD DAY MY FRIEND!

    EH, RD! I got a scoop. talking about piolo & sam. do you know that they are travelling together to america this coming march for a gig. gig? or perhaps another honeymoon. I GOT MY GAYDAR & CELLFON CAMERA READY as soon as they hit my turf. *****

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