The Rod

On rare occasions, we see Rodjun Cruz drop trou and show more than enough skin. Hump Day is special because of this. I am pretty sure you’ll share my smutty sentiments that Rodjun does this half-nakedness often. Very often.

48 thoughts on “The Rod”

  1. i would love to see him in skimpy trunks or bikini briefs! he has the body and the face…. show more rodjun!

  2. I like Rodjun but I will love him if he can show what he got down there…and I hope it is really a big rod.

      1. Hahaha, puhrang alam ko na bakit Lande din name mo, kasi puhrang banned na yung Maja Ruth, Chaka Ka at Lola Julie mo po no? Hahaha, post under my name, puhrang pathetic mo lang po. Hihi.


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