The Sexy Chef

He got his groove back! Former male model Martin Jickain is now in fine form after gaining weight when he was with his former wife, the pudgy politician [or, corpulent councilor] from Quezon City. Martin now looks better than ever although he’s not regularly hitting the runways like his brother Luke does. These days, he’s busy honing his skills in the kitchen as he’s training to be a chef at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management [ISCAHM]. Delish, indeed!

28 thoughts on “The Sexy Chef”

  1. ang sarap nya ngayun ulit ha! buti na lang hiniwalayan nya yung tababoy na Aiko na yun. para hindi sya malaspag. Yummy ni martin ngayun!!!

  2. He is soo sexy and handsome sa pic na ito. I have seen him in person. He is very charming at mabait. Pwedeng magpa picture anyTIME haha. Sana hindi sya tumaba kasi chef sya di ba. Naku.

  3. hes done with culinary school. hes the exec.chef of cardinal santos hospital. im going to iscahm too this january 2010 🙂 eye candies!

  4. Good thing he got rid of that tacky actress/baby elephant wife of his.

    She’s one of the ickiest people in showbusiness. How did he ever make patol to her?

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