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The suit

Jules and Matthew and LharbyI’m supposed to ask with this picture-collage:  Who do you think has a wank video circulating online?  Then I’d write, If you can guess which one, then I’ll post the video or screencaps within the coming days. Coming, get it? Tee-hee. But seriously, these are all hotties, and the message is this: You don’t have to bare all to be sexy. Just look at Jules , Matthew, Lharby all covered up in body-hugging, VPL-baring Symbiote Costumes!

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  1. Nagpaayos din yang Lharby na yan, maitim at pango yan dati feature mo naman RD yung BEFORE look nyan!

  2. Si Jules may gay benefactor, Si Lharby jologs. Dun na ako kay Matthew na sosy boy! Maski duty free hahahaha

  3. nakasama ko na si llharby many times nung bata pa sya 16ish pero dko define if bakla ba sya o straight..magaling makisama, mabait 🙂

    1. Kung bukol nakita mo sa 1st pic, eh baket naging cameltoe bigla sa 2nd pic gia? Alin bang totoo? Must be an illusion

  4. My guess is that Jules guy na papansin Im sure sya din nagkalat. Balitang malaki bird nya kaya he’s proud of it!

  5. Ive seen the Lharby video parnag hindi sya kasi andaming nabago sa mukha nya. Pinaayos ilong at nag gluta ampota!!!

  6. I’d go for the less jologs: Matthew. In fact he’s a sosy boy. The other guys napaka jologs. hahahaha

  7. Lharby nga! Nakita ko na video at ibang iba pa itsura nya noon na maitim at mukhang mahirap!!!

  8. I actually spent nights with one of those guys up there. In all fairness magaling din and mataba yung sa kanya, plus mabango pa.

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