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The Whole Package

There’s a new guy candy in this site, and his name is Anthony Wahl. I can’t actually decide if he’s cute or sexy owing to that boyish smile and bulge. The 20-something Hungarian-Filipino model and businessman will, for the most part of his Speedo-wearing features here, serve as a fitness inspiration.

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  1. hes the most handsome in the competition infeed.
    hes got my type of physique.

    he has the poorest physique tho in the competition, just look at those arms, and legs.

    he’s so kind tho… he accepted fb requests and answers back in messages

  2. Off topic: deleted na pala yung alleged scandal ni Bam Alegre. Natakot siguro si RD sa threat ng GMA LOL. So it’s safe to say na s’ya nga yun

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