Three men

Now, here are three guys to choose from, and here’s the question: The best looking guy among the lot is [from left to right] –
It’s a motley group of models, really as Vince Canizares is a mestizo Filipino-Spanish, Eduardo Fagundes is totally Brazilian, and Bruce Quebral is the moreno Filipino. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence but the three models have not been very active at the moment. Too bad. ┬áNow, if you ask me, I’ll go for Vince first.

21 thoughts on “Three men”

  1. Definitely Vince. He’s been so lustworthy ever since I first saw him as a 16-year old wannabe model. He’s grown up to be quite a delectable stud. His mix of boyish charms and raw sexuality always hit the spot.

  2. definitely its bruce!

    i love those cutie lips… sarap lapain!

    and his face is a bit innocent-looking… ang gwapo! anghel na anghel ang dating!

    lalo na the way those pants loosely unfits from his waist line… soooooo hot!!!

  3. it’s vince! that dangerously low beltline is such a tease it brews up my libido, instantly! certainly, his whole persona completes the whole package. bruce? he is a far second.

  4. Bruce pa rin ako, bihira ang mala-Bruce dito yata sa germany hehehe,
    pero ala Vince at Edouardo? kakasawa na…

  5. si bruce mukhang barako kaya in-charge sya sa likuran ko…si vince angelic face kaya in-charge sya sa bibig ko…which leaves the brazilian guy no choice but to be in-charge with my “mga kamay ni hilda” ko…hehehe

  6. si bruce, mukha kasing siyang titi tingnan titigasan ka talga, sa mukha pa lang nya parang pagtinititigan mo siya parang nakikita mo na lalabasan na sya ng tamod…at parang naamoy mo na rin amoy titi nya…

    yung dalawa kakasawa mukha…

  7. i call him joevince since that’s his real name and carrie’s always change their model’s name (i.e, verna to verns…) and he’s a friend of mine… last i heard he has been travelling the world (europe, brazil and canada…) and he will be arriving in Los Angeles this Friday and he messaged me in facebook coz we’re gonna hang out with other Cebuanos living in Los Angeles when he gets here…


  8. i have always liked vince ever since i saw that penshoppe campaign wherein he was shirtless with victor basa

  9. Eduardo is inactive in the Philippines because matagal na siyang wala rito. First he modeled in Shanghai, and currently he’s in Greece. Next month he’ll be paying a visit to London because an agency there has asked to meet him in person. If they like what they see, he could get a 7-year-work visa to work in the UK. By December, uuwi na muna siya sa native Brazil niya. O diva bongga?

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