Hot Men in the Philippines

‘Tis the Season

It is the season of shirtlessness and Jak, Kiko and David are leading the way to the hot, hot heat on the beach! I just wish there’s a counter for votes here somewhere, but for now you can leave your comments below. Is it difficult to choose?

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  1. Gusto ko din pa kantot kay jak.. better yet threesome kami with addy raj.. sandwhich nila ako sa mga pandesal nila..

    1. Mas laocean deeper naman ang that’s my bae! Puro scandal pa, may tae nude pic, may baeklang kahalikan yung bf niya, may isang naghabol ng kutsilya sa basketbulan sa barangay nila! At least sa HT, may karir sina Ronnie, McCoy, Jameson, Zeus, at number mamamayagpag ang noontime show nila!

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