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mikReluctant underwear model and tv actor Mikael Daez may not be our cookie-cutter hunk but he definitely has his charms. With his unconventional attractive appearance and talent, he’s slowly making his way into showbiz consciousness. In case you didn’t know, Mikael has a business management course from the Ateneo. Now, that’s something to crow about.

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    1. Mukha naman talagang atenista to, makinis, malinis. Yung jaw/panga niya yung defining factor niya kahit nung PENSHOPPE days pa niya.

      Ang hindi ko mainitndihan bakit wala pa ring post ni Alden? Antagal tagal ko ng naghihintay, tigang na tigang na ko. Kailan, kailan hahaplusin si Aldeng napakacute?

  1. well, i think he has to wear the official suit in this site: string bikinis or thongs with vpl so that he could be better appreciated but he’s still cute and fuckable, which is very essential.

    1. Pademure-demure or mas ‘cultured’ lang siya sa yo. You can’t buy class, and even if you could, you won’t be able to afford it.

  2. I’ve seen him many times in Resort’s World. He’s much attractive in person. Nice, moreno skin. Striking eyes. And ang tangkad.

  3. MAsarap at nakakaelya tong si Mikael lalo n sa personal. PUTAAA!! ANg sarap chupain at laspagin. And yes hlatang refined and gling sa sosyal crowd. Mtgal na sila ni Megan ngtotorjakan noh so malamang enjoy si ateng megan sa titi nya. And accdg s mga balita daks din si Mikael. bwahahhaha

  4. sa ismol family dati, lagi siyang naka-cycling nung mga unang episodes. kaya nga nood ako ng nood dati. haha. pero wala na. di na nila ginagawa. haha. more bakat please!

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