Very Tugger

TV fans of the early aughts will easily recognize this former cutie. Although he’s no more active in local showbiz, I still got this on the email a few months ago. It’s only now that it sees the light of day in this wayward blog. Do you know him well?

48 thoughts on “Very Tugger”

      1. pasencya napo…. nung magcomment kasi wala pang nakapost na ibang comment… i guess need pa ng confirmation ng admin bago ma post… kaya ayan nadoble doble

  1. Familiar. Sya ba yung isa sa host ng AXN date? Hindi ng TV show but yung sa mga bagong movies na magshoshowing sa Philippines? Di ko sure kung sya yun. Pero yung brother nya date ko ng crush. First saw him a movie na Pinay Pie. Hahaha

    1. kambal niya brad turvey yung pinay pie… ito ung medyo kambal na paminsan minsang nadadawit sa showbiz because matunog befoe name ni brad

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