14 thoughts on “Vin Chiseled”

  1. Admin, naalala ko tuloy ‘yan’g “cup” na ‘yan…

    Noon, may pinuntahan kami’ng pabrika. Hindi namin alam ang ginagawa pala du’n, strap ng bra. ‘La lang, share ko lang. Gud AM.

  2. Oh, ehm, gee!!! Oh ehm gee my Momsh RD!!! Puhrang di naman poh pasko pehroh may paaguinaldo poh kayo!!! I super duper love my baby Vin poh my Momsh RD, kea super Thankee Poh!!!

  3. I really find him too lean. I get the aesthetic, but ewan, feel ko sobra na siyang tuyo? His brother has a better bulk for me.

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