4 thoughts on “Vote for Vince Canizares!”

  1. he’s a classic case of a good boy gone bad, dont be decieved by his good looks i’ve known him since he was 15, everything went wrong with him ever since he started taking drugs he used to be a sweet lovable kid now he’s a monster spent all his hard earned money on drugs and his ex brazilian girlfriend ingrato as we call it to his mentor and mother agency…sayang

  2. hahahahaha…ohhh my god!!! that’s why i always tell my BOYFRIEND to be carefull with the peoples…he always open too mutch about his life with everybody…trust so mutch…he is very nice…sweet…work hard to get what he want…and even if things dont go the way he plan…he keep on trying to make all his dreams come true…he still always HAPPY…cause he know that god always know the best way for him…and that’s why peoples are jealous about him…and you my friend…sorry…but u are just one more that is jealous about him…cause for sure…u wish that u have the courage and the happiness that he has…but…while u keep this misery inside yourself…the real niggard that dont have courage to move on with your life and it’s jealous of the one’s that do it…im so sorry for you…cause the lord bless who deserve!!! and u will be always a loser!!!salamat!!! from-> Tabata…joevince’s girlfriend

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