What’s with Gold’s Gym Makati?

Methinks that gym is deteriorating and how. There was a time when it was an imposing structure right inside the tony side of Glorietta mall. But now, the locker room stinks like rotten takeaway long forgotten at the back of the car, the machines and equipment crank big-time from wear and tear, and the service sucks like Gold’s is merely a backyard gym. And I’m not mentioning that the place has now been invaded by freeloader models and wannabees, employees or agents with discounted corporate tie-ins, blackmarket gift certificate buyers, and unlicensed gym instructors who happen to merely have nice bods. Once Fitness First opens shop at the new Greenbelt Mall 5, that would have to be a threat. Major. So please, Gold’s Gym Makati, how about some notable change in your corporate management. Improve the service, equipment, quality control and security in the place. If not for regular members Vince Canizares, Andrew Wolff [pictures above], Carlos Concepcion, and okay, that Agassi guy, I would have long deported myself to that gym on top of that sperm bank in Malate district. What’s the name of that gym again?

One thought on “What’s with Gold’s Gym Makati?”

  1. it is The Peak Gym, been there too, almost complete equipments for reasonable price of 15.00/ session for member (like me) and 25.00/ session for non member. luckily, my manager, Tito Jojo Veloso enrolled me in Fitness First, but nonetheless if my membership expires, ill be returning to my home gym ^_^

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