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When you’re smiling


When you’re smiling and astride me, the world feels a lot nicer. No amount of sexy can mask all that cuteness in JC Santos. He is simply adorable and such a dear. There are hotter hunks out there to ogle and admire, but our little boy is the big man in showbiz these days!

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  1. He’s cute! A great fucker. Tatawagin mo ang lahat ng Santo sa kalangitan kapag binarurot ka niya ng husto. Average Lang ang size Pero he knows how to used it. Love you, JC!

  2. Seriously? It seems like rd is so fond withnthis guy like, what’s with him? He’s not even goodlooking for pete’s sake!! Better yet, he should be on the side post and dnot on main feature, my gosh! Hot sexy goodlooking guys should be on the main feature , not an ordinary ugly man like this one! Gosh

    1. Baka naman prologue lang ni RD yang mga postings na yan para sa darating na nude o video scandal ng JC na ito… Sana naman, ok na rin!

    2. Same here. I find him so ordinary looking and he looks rather old. Hate the hair too. And RD’s repeated hype about his supposed “the big man in showbiz these days” seems more like imagined rather than factual. His teleserye with James Reid is a dismal flop on the ratings chart with almost a single digit rating, the reason why it was moved to a later timeslot and still it can’t generate enough viewership. Hmmmm….yung tataa RD lol.

    3. To each his own, bayot. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of us find him goodlooking, and if you don’t agree, go find a cave where you can hibernate for the winter. Bayot!

  3. Sino kaya tumitira dyan ngayon sa Dos bakit sikat na sikat e madami naman mas deserving pa in terms of looks??

    1. Unfortunately u didnt have the means to see jc dv as a discreetly gay in best partee ever during the qc filmfest. It was the best indeed 🙂

    1. Bakit ang hindi? Magaling naman sya umarte, may talent at madaling pakisamahan sa trabaho. Kesa naman doon sa mga ibang actors na bobo na, tanga pa umarte.

  4. Sayang sana kinuha ko na sya nung araw nung pabooking pa sya! Napapangitan kasi ako sa kanya besides maliit lang sayang talaga!

  5. Magaling naman talaga umarte kasi nag aral ng teatro at may experience talaga! Gayahin sya dapat ng mga so-so actors ngayon na walang alam kungdi magpa cute!

  6. His looks improved simula nung nag artista sa tv. parang nagpatangos yata ng konti and nagpa scrub ng fez at katawan hehehehehe

  7. Hi. Mr. University! Mas lalo kang sumarap ngayon, with all the make and additions around you. Kailan tayo pwede mag sex uli JC. Sa Victoria’s na lang wala na yung dorm sa harap ng school eh.

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