Where is Doug Robinson?

It seems like I haven’t been seeing Douglas Robinson on TV anymore. More specifically, this Cebuano model, who was a semi-finalist in the first Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2002, has gone a-missing from the noontime show SOP as part of Take 5 [Yes, Carlos I still watch and wait for you every 1 pm on Sundays. And we can talk about how you always traipse in your number]. I’m just wondering if he got booted out, merely resigned, or just on vacation.

4 thoughts on “Where is Doug Robinson?”

  1. Is it possible he couldn’t get along with the others coz of the age difference? [Doug being the eldest]

  2. nabasa ko sa abante na ang dahilan ay unprofessionalism. di raw sumisipot or parating late sa rehearsal at show si douglas

  3. hahaha..

    maghuhubad nalang, kasi wala ng career.. eh tanong magkakaroon ba ng career pag naghubad??

    hindi! magiging high price callboy!!

  4. I love him!!! He was my Mossimo Bodyshot bet for their batch. That face is not perfect but it is pretty and he looks so fresh and innocent. Body is developed just right. That indie movie was kinda lame, tho, and did not showcase his charm and appeal. I hope he comes out of hibernation soon. He deserves another shot at popularity. Miss you my love…

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