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Which body type do you prefer most on a man? Excluding the fat specimen. Do you like the guys who are at least 5’10” tall and on the “larger” side? Like Jon Hall [left], who is not extremely muscular yet fit and proportioned, not blubbery fat but heavy with muscles underneath? Or do you go for the tall and thin one? Like Sassan Shokouhi who is slender like those lean but up to snuff basketball players? I find the physical attributes of the former more appealing, if you ask me. How about you?

32 thoughts on “Which Body Type”

  1. shempre mas masarap yung lalaking lalaki noh, kaysa naman sa mas slender at mas balingkinitan pa sakin ang katawan, lason yun ever! mas appealing yung kayang kaya akong ihagis sa pader, kaysa naman yung mga payatola na mukhang mas brusko pa akembang noh!

  2. type ko ever yung sa kanan. ayaw ko kasi yung bato bato type.

    mas sexy ang dating sakin nung mala swim bods type.

  3. i saw him almost 5 times sa fridays galleria .. ansarap nya. di naman masyado kalakihan katwan nya in person .. tapos nagyosi sya labas nakasando and short lang sya . tapos inangat nya yung sando nya eh kita yung underwear nya … inferness ha pinanindigan nya bench ang brief nya .. hehhehehe
    pero yummy sya tsaka di suplado

  4. oooh! I remember a poll like this from MTV’s “House Of Style”… (gawd, I feel old. LOL!)

    It was either Beef (John) or Waif (Sassan)…
    I liked Beef then, I still like Beef now. ^_^

  5. basta ba papatol sa akin doesnt matter. kung ganyan ba ang mga itsura may karapatan pa bang maging choosy?!

  6. sa panahong ito, wala ng choosy choosy…parehong lamang tyan din yan.. maraming taong ”tagutom” ngayon.. pero for the sake of this poll thingie… john hall na aketch! parang rapist type na hind ka makakapalag.. heheh

  7. Super type ko itong si Sassan. Sarap himurin tapos kantotin ang puwet nya tulad ni Brent Corrigan na lumaki na ng husto ang butas ng pwet at kaya na pati ang color cone na ginagamit sa mga daan.

  8. Syempre ako, yung lean, although here, parang strange etits yung naka-stick out sa pantalon ni Sassan. At si Hall? Hmmm, kasi pag magdo-do na kami, sasabihin ko sa kanya, “Sige na po, hubarin nyo na po ang pantalon nyo.”

  9. I’ll definitely take Sassan. I didn’t even have to think for this one. Haha.

    Don’t get me wrong- John’s hot and all- but slender yet hard bodies like Sassan’s are just perfect for me. Very high fashion because it looks high-class. I’m sure Sassan looks good wearing everything- from wifebeaters to tailored suits. But he’d look even better naked. And nothing beats a huge c*ck on a slim guy. I’m salivating already. Haha.

  10. Ahaha. This is sumthng that shocked me. Kc, believe me or not, I have the no.’s of these 2 men, yah. NO JOKE. I mean it. I wont force u to believe but i must say, YES, I do. I pose sum1 n friendster and they thought it was rili me. Sassan, it was rili him. HE showed his webcam 4 3 secnds and said he wud show up longer if I have a cam. of course i couldnt show ther eal me. haha. He’s topless that time. And Jon, he called me. Txt. I knew it was him because of his husky voice. Its really him. very manly. i Know jon’s curent address bec. he told me to visit him if i have time. But of course, it wud be impossible coz im not the girl he thought i was. haha

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