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White briefs make the man

DomConsider Domenik Padovan, with Filipino and Italian genes. Oh, such a heady brew of potent manfulness! A real man. A gorgeous male specimen brimming with testosterone, complete with six pack. Here’s a fitting send-off to this hunky model who is going back to Italy after his sexy stint in the country.

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  1. Oh my gad ngayon ko lang nakita pic na ito ha, ang sarap nyan! Cotton briefs pa lang yan at bakat ha! naman!

  2. he he sarap cguro nito, fuck me up from morning to evening,7days a week, truli lalaking lalaki alang halong kabadingan, o la la

  3. Thanks RD, I just hope you’ll post more of him, hindi sya nakakasawa mask ano pic. Basta naka briefs hahahahaha

  4. Gustong gusto ko makita burat neto! talagang curious ako. Lahat lahat. Butas ng pwet, singet at buhok sa kilikili!

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