Who is Adriano Kartuliares?

Reader macy7984 sent in these photos of Brazilian model Adriano Kartuliares, for us to enjoy. The tall hunk from the land of the samba has been a constant fixture in society pages of late, together with his girlfriend [her name is the tattoo on his butt, photo above]. Adriano has also done advertising campaigns in Thailand, before coming over to shoot tv and print ads for commercial brands and fashion designers.

One thought on “Who is Adriano Kartuliares?”

  1. if i were a man and my gf was as rich as divine lee too, i would have her name tattooed on my behind too! lol

    by the way, i love this blog soooo much…. keep them coming the hot filipino hunks!!!!

    hey do you have naked photos of andrew wolfe??? i heard the rumors that he has some when he was still starting in the biz. true kaya??

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