Who is Jay Santos?

In the latest issue of Frontman magazine, there is one fresh-looking model who goes by the name of Jay Santos, who lists himself as a print and commercial model. From out of nowhere, he appears in a sexy tempest of photos that will leave cravings for more. Of course, the camera loves his face [and bod!] so much, any angle of Jay in various states of undress is drool-worthy. And I’m swooning. Just buy the magazine, guys, and see for yourself.

8 thoughts on “Who is Jay Santos?”

  1. I bought the magazine and yes his photos were yummy. There was even a shot of him showering his package. You can almost see it behind the stream of water from the shower head. More info about this model please…

  2. jusme,, he is so jakol-worthy..mr moderator sana naman po ilagay mo pa ung ibang pics nia..please.please.please.pleeeeeeease…

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