Winsome, Wholesome

Continuing our fresh faces feature, there is a taller Swiss-Filipino guy in our midst and he’s equally cuter. Mauritius Joseph Loosli a.k.a. Mauri Loosli in the local modeling and social scene is setting hearts ablaze with his boy-next-door looks with come-hither demeanor. He looks great in these shirtless photos, and he should totally do more of the pants-less shots next time.

56 thoughts on “Winsome, Wholesome”

    1. hoy, michael lim na mukhang naembalsamong bakla, doon ka nga sa blog mo puro kopya sa tabloid ang mga BI. kunwari ka pang laging nagtatanong dito at nagpapahula eh ikaw din yan. gusto mo lang i-advertise yan cheap mong blog na ang english construction ay talo pa ng gradeschool. kaluka ka.

  1. Honestly, I don’t find guys/men desirable if they are shaven (both pits & pubes) lalo na pag literally “clean shaven” talaga, I quite feel asexual, just my personal statement though…. kayo???

  2. Mabenta talaga sa pinoy ung foreigner aesthetics. Kahit ung mga gwapong pinoy, dapat pasado sa foreign concept of beauty para maconsider natin gwapo.

    1. Di lang naman pinoy ang ganyan. Look at Thai models and beauty queens ganun din mga halfies din karamihan. There’s this standard kasi of universal beauty which leans towards people with Caucasian features.

      1. Sad but true. Di bale… in 200 years or so, lahat na tayo e mixed race na (sa dami ba naman ng mga kumekerengkeng abroad for showbiz lahi) at ang icoconsider na nating rare and beautiful ay yung mga pureblood pinoys/asians 🙂

    2. Actually when I went to the US for as an exchange student, they don’t find me looking as if I’m a Filipino, vocal sila na pag Pinoy they prefer and expect MORENO OR MULATTO complexions, they like Pinoys na maiitim or kayumanggi, for them that’s beauty. Also our facial and bone structure natin ang assets daw natin kc maganda.

    3. Foreigners looks at every Pinoy as Neo-Collonial type, they criticize us by consuming too much WHITENING beauty and skincare products, lahat ng pampaputi daw eh addicted tayo. Baka sa susunod eh pampaputi na ng buhok ang i offer niyan.

    4. In the end, mas advantageous ang pagkakaruon ng Dark or Brown skin, kc di sensitive sa UV or Sun heat, di tulad ng mga Puti (Caucasian or Yellow Race) na prone sa Skin Cancer. Di rin agad nagma-matured ang dark or brown skin as whole di tulad ng mga white or yellow race na pagdating ng 20-30yrs old eh biglang super tanda ang mga features nila.

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