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Our Mister World may not be much of a looker, but this photo of JB Saliba in the Garden of Earthly Delights is enough to burn our collective loins. Who can’t miss that nice bulge down there? Bulge trumps beauty, then?

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  1. Got b*ttomed by 2 other caucasian contestants honestly speaking he’s a white man’s wh*re

    1. Nakipag sex lang sa puti andami mo ng na assume at sinabi. Wag kang bitter dahil di ka pinatulan.

    2. Ows? E wala pa nga sa pilipinas ang ibang mr. world candidates dahil postponed nanaman ang contest! Sige baks imbento pa more!

  2. Loss na loss compared sa ibang mr. world candidates! Check nyo pa sa ig hashtag mrworld!

    Pero baka naman magaling sa Q&A kaya nanalo itech? Let’s see muna mga beks….

    1. Magjowa ba talaga sila? lels Baka flavor of the month lang ni tita ryan. Lam nyo naman yon daming boys.

  3. I LIKE him, Admin. That manly, ruddy-rugged face with strong planes and sharp angles are the stuff of post-Golden Hollywood – Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, and Harrisson Ford. And a body not too muscular, just right and with clear skin not necessarily sunburned simply because he is outdoors all the time. So he is short? Well. we are not a tall race and among foreigners it is not a big deal. And the head-to-toe symmetry suggests he has had a gracious life. Thanks for featuring, A!

    1. Baks wala na siya sa revel. Ang chika he got fired. Inagawan daw ng boys ang titia jm_ro nyo. Choz!

  4. Admin, advise his handler/manager to have him grow a full head of hair and ditch these crew cuts, which do no favors for “shrimpy” dudes (like Ravena in the Side posts). Look at the Benguet hotties like Renz Lagria and Kelvin Aguilan Vicente; the thin sideburns help to keep things a bit in check. Also, thicker hair gives a more regal air, like that of an alpha male lion or a famous actor (above). We know they are athletes (Saliba and Ravena), but neither are they soldiers, as well.

  5. Admin, JUZKOH! Feature mo winners ng Bachelor of Malaysia 2019; tonight na. Ask Cyrus for the details. WALA’NG TAPON. Fave ko ‘yung hawig kay Jeron Teng; may tattoo sa dibdib. Salamat. 🙂

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