Yay! VJ Alvey!

He’s back and he’s sexier than ever! VJ Alvey a.k.a. Alvin Alfonso or Alvin Pulga is hot, hot and hot in this photo shoot at the Dusit Thani Manila Hotel. The 27-year-old model and VJ for Channel [V] International is in town after being out of the country for some time. DJ Alvey started working for the music channel in 2007 and has since been one of the more popular hosts. He jetsets within Asia due to the needs of his job plus some modeling on the side.

30 thoughts on “Yay! VJ Alvey!”

  1. Wow this one’s fairly new. sexy naman ni Alvey! sana nag brief na ulit sya! But im not complaining, I find him so sexy!

  2. he’s not that much cute anymore. probably because of this pic. Mas go pa rin ako sa kasabayan nyang modelo dati sa ponds na si BRENT JAVIER. Anyways, he’ll always be so cute and hot, love him…

  3. He’s the pride of Regina, capital city of Saskatchewan in Canada. I attended a wedding reception with him as guest as well. Hottie! More pics of him please.

  4. He kinda got fat when he was out of circulation. I remember those youtube videos where his belly would make you wonder that he was ever an underwear model.

    Recently, he did a segment on Channel V Philippines where he was going around Boracay, visiting hotels, talking to people on the beach, attending parties. Ooh la la, the whole time he was wearing nothing but bikini trunks! He’s sexy again.

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