Silly me, I haven’t been sharing enough, right? It’s just that I’ve been busy and got the ennui this year. There’s always Twitter and Instagram for you guys. But this is my spot, where I can share and write. This year has been good. I had time for myself. Less negativity and toxicity from all the wayward readers of muckland. I think everything has changed from the time I started this site in 2007. But I plod on. Here’s to the new year!

45 thoughts on “Yearend”

    1. Yeah same… hotmeninthephilippines pa din ako hahahaha haysss tanda ko na din. Been a follower since 2008

    2. Same HAHAHA hotmeninthephilippines pa ang domain nito noon aaaaa tanda ko na din pala. Been a follower of this site since 2008 pa. Wow time flies so fast.

  1. Happy New Year RD! I’m still waiting on bated breath JC Tan’s scandal you promised weeks ago! Please with cherry on top. Lol

  2. This is surely Kevin Redder, the delicious twinky boy na may pa-boyhole sa previous post. Happy New Year lovely Rddantes, keep the flooding us with more hot flesh this year!

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