By tradition, we end the year with a top ten list of the most popular posts. You see the pattern, and I love how you can be so depraved and sleazy in the most NSFW way. What could be in store for the coming year?

10.  A Handsome Man.  Indeed he is, and he remains a popular hunk in this site.

9.  Where The Boys Are. Gayboys out and about!

8.  Love From A Star.  Gil Cuerva is introduced.

7.  Here Comes 2017.  We started with a collective coming!

6.  Modal Motor. Tom’s thumb.

5.  Totally NSFW. It’s not, but you can glance once in a while. On lunch break.

4.  Hello Nirvana. Ahron is misbehavin’ in business class!

3.  Dick Pick. Also at home. Or somebody else’s.

2.  Aftermath. The morning after some flashing.

1.  Johnson. It had to be him at no. 1!

57 thoughts on “Yearender”

  1. NO NO NO! I am more men in da lista. Is mor maturety for me. Understand is dis. Kung titignan wla talaga ung bet ko dami kong type is da past yrs.

  2. Alden not in thd list ? Susme, what country ba you belong ? Sino hindi maglalust sa pambansang beh ay may psychological imbalance.

  3. Jutay pala nung kay mike acuna kaya pala pwet lang pinakita ni rd nung main post.. disappointed for his fes nonetheless tite na rin yan! Happy new year! New and more tite to cum!!

  4. Bwahahahaha. Terminated na pala ang main account ng tunay na Inah Evans sa facebook na may 60,000 followers. What a nice new year. Nabawasan ang nagkakalat ng kapangitan at kabastosan sa mundo. Ireport din natin yung 2nd account nya na may 12,000 followers para kompleto ang new year ko. Bwahahahaha.

      1. Ah hindi! Masaya talaga ako. Isa pa, hindi sya magandang ehemplo lalo na sa kabataan. Nagkakalat sya ng kabastosan at kalaswaan sa social media. Kung sino-sino rin ang inaaway sa facebook na kala mo ang gaganda nya. Kaya nga naterminate ang account nya eh. Hindi naman ako magbubunyi kung mabuting tao sya. Bad kasi sya eh.

  5. No. 8 shouldn’t be included. Nagparami lang naman ng mga comments dun eh ang network war ng mga baklang hamog!

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