Yes now the rains ..

carlosThis is the lazy post, because it’s Friday and the first boy-in-briefs I see in the files is Carlos Agassi. Of course, I’m not going to beg your indulgence with this one, because right now you are indulging in this fine specimen. The thing is, there is a dearth of legit hot men out there who are posing in their undergarments because it’s simply not the season. Carlos is our 24/7/365 sexy underwear boss!

31 thoughts on “Yes now the rains ..”

    1. Wow ha? As if may ipagmamalaki ka. Hindi ko alam kung sa totoong buhay ka nabubuhay o sa mundo ng porn?

  1. Must be a delight cuddling with Carlos on a wet, cold evening. Makes me miss daddy JSRJ even more.

  2. Take a chance na makasama mo ito sa outing at pray na makasabay na in heat sys. Believe me, kahit pangit ka, papatulan ka. Basta in heat sita! Hahaha!

  3. Sorry RD OFFTOPIC, but do you happen to have the unedited pic of the “alleged marco scandal”?! Para sa sangkabaklaan! Hahhaa pak pak

  4. RD may nagpost nung sex video ni Gerald Anderson sa twitter pero tinanggal na yung link. meron ka ba? sheeeeeeeeeeeet

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