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Butas Approved by MTRCB

The controversial Marco Morales movie Butas [Loophole] has finally been approved for commercial showing by the MTRCB starting on 28 January 2009 [Wednesday]. It will be screened in in selected theaters : Robinsons Galeria, Robinsons Ermita, Gotesco Grand Central Caloocan, Gotesco Ortigas, Isetan Recto Cinerama, ABC-Theater Guadalupe, Remar Theater Cubao, Robinsons Iloilo and Cebu Vistarama in Colon. Plus you can now see Marco in person because there’s a “Meet and Greet” Marco and Allen Dizon at the Robinson’s Galeria Cinema Lobby on January 31 [Saturday] at 5pm.
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  1. Hi all. I live outside of the Phillipnes and thought that Phillipine’s cinema is very great. And the actors are amazing as well. I’ve already watched movies such as Ang Lihim Ni Antonio from the net and I think it’s the best. still I want some hard copies. I mean …is there trustable online store that sells abroad the DVD or VCD of Pinoy movies ? Please info. Thanks. From : LUCKY.

  2. sana may matira sa frontal nya. btw, feb 4 ang tentative premiere date ng SAGWAN sa UP theather. Maganda traler. sana pati yung movie. aYung palabas ngayun sa robinsaon na thank you girls, di maganda. super cheap version ng TO WONG FOO, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. It could have been better. Good material sana.

  3. sa 22o lang hindi naman umabot ng 12x frontal niya eh.. panloloko lang un mga kalahati lang ang klaro dun..

    and yes boring ung pelikula, if not for the titi, hindi pipilahan yang butas na yan!!

    FOR SURE tsinugi na yan ng MTRCB, WALA ng natira sa titi ni marco morales sa pelikula!!

    how sad, eh yun lang naman ang bentahe ng pelikula kuning kuning na yan!!!

  4. Unfortunately, the frontal scenes were deleted already by MTRCB. Only one dark scene was left, you can barely see it.

  5. what a disappointment. and a waste of money. and a grueling experience to the eye.

    there was a single frontal nudity left, the one taken by the camera from the top while gwen and marco were in the shower/bathroom. yung iba pinalabo na lang and you can hardly see anything.

    i was fighting boredom and sleepiness the entire movie.

    of the actors, only marco impressed me.

    its greatest sin was the use of shaky hand-held camera for most of the sex scenes in the movie. sobrang nakakahilo. it’s like watching blair witch project and cloverfield all over again. i was really dizzy when i left the movie house.

  6. pinanood ko ang butas ngayon at pinagsisihan ko ito…sana pala nakinig na lang ako sa isang nag post dito na ang panghatak lang daw ng film e yung frontal ni marco (na nawala na nga kasi kintay ng mtrcb)…i really want to walk out of the theater kahit di pa nangangalahati ang film…it was a waste of time and money…

  7. hwaah sayang ang pera ko. Kapag pinalabas na sa commercial theatre puro cut at blurred pa. Hindi na ako manoood pa. Kinatay na ng MTRCB

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