At Play

First, some preliminaries:  Dear Friend is GMA 7’s drama anthology featuring true and personal stories from letters sent by young viewers.  According to the station, the show is “primed to inspire, motivate and stir the youth’s consciousness of issues concerning their lives.” It airs every Sunday after the noontime variety show, SOP.  Now, this Sunday, the three guys shown above – Mark Herras [22 y.o., in board shorts], Rainier Castillo [23 y.o., in olive drab shorts ] and Chris Cayzer [22 y.o., in khaki shorts] are in the Bakasyonista episode of the series. The boys are going sexy and I think this is the first time that cute singer Cayzer is taking off his shirt on tv.  Don’t fail to watch the boys in action, as they, uh, pit acting chops against each other!

19 thoughts on “At Play”

  1. ok na sna c mark kaya lang d bagay ung buhok e anlaking factor kaya pg bagay sa mukha ung buhok, sayang ganda pa nman ng katawan nya ngaun pra lng tuloy syang hipon!

  2. mark herras have been around for so long and yet he havent improved his acting skills, i think its about to show a lil skin mark show some sexiness for sure babango ulit karir mo, look at aljur naungusan ka na ng bagets.

  3. I’ve waited for this for so long!
    Thanks to GMA, even if your programs suck, at least your actors are hot and worth sucking for hehe

  4. PIT acting chops! Hihihi you’re so witty talaga, RD!

    I love eet! Sana more armpit exposure sa Bakasyonista…Panalo sa kilikili ang Boystown ha, in fairness.

    Armpit flashing is the new sexy, I swear. I hope the handlers of these male stars realize that. Wholesome pero extremely sexya ng pagpapakita ng kilikili, di ba?

    More, more, more please!

  5. ay, ang sarap ni chris cayzer. more, more, more! sana naman yung naka-trunks man lang! ok na ako dun. yum!

  6. I spotted Chris Cayzer at Tiendesitas last wed. with hear mom and a baby with yaya??! Pucha, ang guwapo at ang puti nya… lalag panti ko.. lakas ng appeal. I like him, yung eyes nya super cute. ung dalawang unggoy, diko sila type.

  7. ang sesexy!!!

    si chris lang may bulge ang tyan… pero cute pa din!

    si mark sexy talaga! yummy!

    pero pinaka-yummy si rainier! in fairness, walang bulge ang tyan nya, may nakasabit lang na baby fats… which makes him more sexy! may mangangata ka!

    masarap ba naman ang porkchop kung walang kaunting taba? da ba? hihihi!


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