Hot Men in the Philippines

Too Close

Our mystery guy [with Mark James de la Cerna] could be Thai, Cambodian, Laotian, or Hmong. He could be anyone in the group belonging to the South Asian or Southeast Asian groups. ┬áBut he is definitely Filipino, way too Filipino to be uncircumcised, hardy, husky and sexy, too. ┬áHe once did some shows in the bars of Manila – the ones where models had to wear thin and exotic fabrics. ┬áReportedly, he belonged to a sea-based tribal group, as he would like to tell people. ┬á
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  1. ay sasarap nila…….they look chewy and yummy……..mas gusto ko ang dark skinned one…balingkinitan yung body

  2. i have been constantly checking on the posts RD and I really love this one.

    The pictures are good.
    And the models are really hot.
    Mmmmm =)

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