Marco and Marko

So it’s pretty obvious who’s the bigger guy judging from the impression they’re making in their little pink bikinis. The guy on the left is Marco Posadas, a 22-year-old gym instructor and freelance model from Malolos City in Bulacan. He is also known as Anthony Posadas in the bikini pageant circuit. The other one’s Marko Maristela, a 26-year-old model and winner of the Mr. Sexy Body competition sponsored by the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. He was also in the [in]famous Manila Exposed porn video series released a couple of years ago.

26 thoughts on “Marco and Marko”

  1. sarap na sarap nga yung girllalu na humahada sa kanya sa manila exposed. ang sarap2 naman kasi nya du8n. walang pakialam kung may mga cameramen at director.

  2. alin sya dun sa manila exposed? pa describe naman nung eksena? anung volume? sya ba yung may partner na parang galing sa schooL? short hair pa sya dun?

  3. Hi Anonymous, August 6, 2009 12:49 AM

    thank you for sharing the link. mas ok ang kay marco posadas kasi close up ang blow job sa nota nya. sana ako na yun hehe

    yung kay marco posadas e di pwede idownload unless member ka. pero yung kay marko maristela, free download.

    meron ka ba nung kay maico aka josh ivan morales? share naman ng link. maraming salamat po

  4. For hire sila pareho, bugaw nila si Cedric, 8K , all the way Marco Posadas, good blow jobber, maristela, maraming arte pero kumakain ng tamud

  5. Please do share with us their contact numbers especially Marko Maristela. Is there anyone who could tell what Vol. of Manila Exposed did Marko M. appeared. tnxs.

  6. correction o, si maristela lang po ang nasa manila exposed. yung sinasabi nyong “monica video” si maristela din po yun, hindi si posadas. Kung titingnan nyong mabuti ang ari, meron bulitas at dalawa pa. Si posadas ay walang bulitas!!!

  7. correction po…kilala ko po si posadas in person…..hello? ung monica video>> si posadas…. yung sa kabayuhan si maristela…
    ayy nako..feeling expert naman kau…feeling magaling sa ari….di nio nga xa alam kung taga san xa eh…

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