Mc Auriel Gagan is ballsy

Mc Auriel Gagan is a 20-year-old Computer Engineering student from Quezon province. Like any younger guy these days, he loves playing online games. He says he is also a strong drinker, more specifically the province’s native lambanog [wine locally-produced from coconut, rice, sugar cane and sasa – a swamp palm tree]. This holiday season, the boyish-looking Mc Auriel regales us with the oh-so-yummy Christmasy photos to further brighten up the festive mood.

6 thoughts on “Mc Auriel Gagan is ballsy”

  1. THE WHITE BACKGROUND IS SUPPOSED TO BE SNOW…McAuriel is doing a “Michelin Tire” man play…you want snow? we got loads of it in the driveway, deck, everywhere you look, from the weekend’s big blizzard. how much you want, 1 ton, take everything. i’ll even say THANK YOU …*****

  2. RD, pardon me, but i think we need to consult a knowledgeable person as to the correct definition of LAMBANOG. my tagalog is rusty but i think threre are some misconceptions in your definition. any pilipino majors out there who could help?… OH NO! NOT YOU FRANCESCA…she might quote from the bible this time…

  3. I find McAuriel one of those young guys who could be desirable without having to grow big, rippling muscles. Will Santa gift me with a boy like McAuriel with or without the lambanog? Preferably without. Kasi baka ako malasing na, siya hindi pa. Ang maging ending tuloy, plastado ako, siya umiinom pa. And I guess no need to look further into the meaning of LAMBANOG. Lamnbanog is lambanog, alak, nakakalasing. No, our dear Francesca will probably not quote from the bible but from the dissertations of some medieval philosopher about the dangers and evils of booze. I miss Inday of the text jokes.

  4. ATTITUDE. is my first answer… if that is what you feel about what you take in your mouth, uminom ka na lang ng listerine, chinese cooking wine, buckley’s cough syrup or those cheap bitters imported from east europe. they all contain substantial potent alcohol (some as high as 40%)…however, if you are concerned or selective, you will ask, “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS”…that brings me to my second answer…CULTURE. *****

  5. mc auriel gagan…
    i was a bit shocked when i saw his pics by accident on this site. I went to a computer shop somewhere in mandaluyong and out of curiosity i checked out the cached sites on yahoo. I saw his pic and i told my self “uy! si gagan”. He’s my schoolmate. Yes he’s hot but not as hot in these pics. He’s my classmate on two subjects this this school year 2nd sem. Now i know that he’s really yummy. I only see he’s brief on school when he seats infront of the row i’m sitting at. But now, even not in person, i now had a glimpse of his sacred body. Haha…

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