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It’s that Christina Aguilera song Dirty ringing through when I see this photo: Oh, I’m overdue/ Give me some room/ I’m comin through/ Paid my dues/ In the mood../ Wanna get dirrty/ It’s about time that I came to start the party/ Sweat dripping over my body/ Dancing getting just a little naughty/ Wanna get dirrty/ It’s about time for my arrival. Orlando Sol is ready for the big-time as the 21-year-old member of the boy-group M-Gage has lately been getting noticed. With a solid background in theater plus a good singing voice, the boy’s got talent to take him to greater heights. It’s about time, really, for his arrival!
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  1. orlando sol youre sooo cute! ahh ahh youre not yul servo….you are an original a real gem…..your fans in nyc…..

  2. cheese and crackers! whens your movie comin? you can act….you can sing….put you on the screen..what are they waiting for a man like you should be immortalized….yes…..

  3. Oh, my boy Orlando!

    I will clean you off and take you to my shower, soap yours and mine, establish that heavenly friction with bubbles between our thighs, as we press our bulges head-on, sword-to-sword, as we kiss passionately with closed eyes..

    And then my orifice is ready..

    I will bend my bone and muscle and flesh to ease your way….
    My tongue shall explore the shaft of your love tool, licking its once soiled contours, till it throbs and stands proudly to full attention…

    Then I will gladly bow to your shaft’s pink hole, so you can spurt, oh so abruptly, that milk that you so kindly stored to make me happy, and whole again….

    Ahh Orlando, you have spread out your milk so generously..Towel me off, as I steal a glance at your now-limp armor…

    Ahh..I wanna rest my head on your arms… Light my marlboro please…!

  4. NO DIRT NOR GRIME can hide true beauty. Orly, use the tub in my room to scrub clean every appendage and crevices of your lithe body. i will annoint you with emollient, i picked up at the duty free. rest your head in down pillows and tuck in the best egyptian linen…MY MASTER, YOUR WORD IS MY COMMAND (the 24-hour ATM is only around the corner, LOL ).*****

  5. Hey pips, to see more of SOL buy kayo ng latest RED HOT mag (P140) yung may kasama feature ng VCD ng “erotika” M2M 2, vol 4 yata yun! HIs really cute der!!! promis! 🙂

  6. ayyyy ginoo ko….give him a visa any…cultural, student, tawagin si gurfunkell….send him here to defreeze a lot of hearts!

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