by: rddantes May 6, 2017 | 52 Comments |

Seeing these guys make me smell the testosterone! The scent of musk, funk and all that gunk, in all their pleasantness!  Hot and hairy hunk Victor Aliwalas may not be that active in showbiz these days but he can still tickle our collective fancy. More so if he pulls down his pants and shows us his scorchin’ bod!

Yellow is the color of joy, indeed! Fernando Alvarez, who loves to call himself a Pinoyrican, dizzy-dazzles in his tight speedos and we know what he’s made of. Of course, he’s made of summer and wonderful taut skin and strong legs. I don’t get tired looking at his prominence, actually.

Bein’ Green

by: rddantes May 4, 2017 | 65 Comments |

For throwback, we have a serving of Zeus Arellano, who once tried for BenchBody underwear before hitting it (relatively) big as a lead endorser for rival Folded & Hung. Frankly, I can only go as far as his BenchBody days, and I do not know much where he really came from. Actually. I’m crowdsourcing. You may enter reliable info in the comments below.

The Companion

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Where in the world is Jiro Shirakawa? Sometimes he’s spotted in Europe, oft times in the US. The traveling boy – always photographed solo for his social media humblebrags – was last seen in public at the Miss Universe event as the barong-clad bodyguard (a.k.a. close protection officer) of a personality who made a fortune in low-end eau de toilette.

Mr. Smith

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Our feature now is the generically-named Australian model (of Chinese-Welsh descent), Samuel Smith who is in town. There is nothing generic about him, though, as he has the remarkable qualities of a fun, sexy male model. I can’t begin to enumerate his other attributes, but if you can look lower, that would be a good start.


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It’s the start of the long weekend this side of the pond, and this is the lazy-ass post. I am now officially on vacation, but I just can’t leave this wayward site on a standstill. Today, we see the usual suspects – tv and movie actors and underwear models all, who continue to tease and please in their underthings.

Ejay kept it warm and balmy with his check-patterned undies, while Arron gave off that twinky vibe in stripes. And the side swept bangs! *gasp!

Why is Jake unhappy? Why is Carlos so perky? Are crazy patterns the trend these days in men’s undergarments?

Boys in the Water

by: rddantes April 27, 2017 | 65 Comments |

The prevailing theme is boys in the water in candy-colored clothes. Yes, they have clothes on, because they’re supposed to be modest. That will do, for now, as we can only imagine these Meant to Be and Boybandph cuties getting their sexy on. My best bets who’ll go first are  Tristan and Russel, Addy and Jak. Anything for that elusive superstardom.

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