Who’s that guy?

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Cosmo had every kind of guy for the girls and girls in the audience during their Air Cosmopolitan Flight 69 show. There were emaciated male models, hot Brazilians, wannabe D-list models, over-eager actors, aging DJs, gay guys, twinkies and the big guys. The event, which attracted a thousand characters during the go-see, was touted as the best Cosmo show so far. During the runway show, there was a big guy in gold lamé who easily stood out from the fit, muscled and lean models strutting in the catwalk. Surely he must’ve gotten some admirers then, with his height, good looks and chunky features. I don’t even know his name but he absolutely looks delish to me. Anybody knows the hottie?
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Andrew Wolff’s Back [Again]

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Andrew Wolff was spotted at the the recent Cosmo Bachelors’ Bash, not on stage though, but among the audience. And no, he wasn’t screaming his lungs out every time some hunk in tights comes out on stage. He was just quietly hobnobbing with the Brazilian girls, who came to lend support to their fellow models who appeared in the Air Cosmopolitan Flight 69 show. Photos above were taken during the Bench Fever 2006 Underwear and Denim Show held at the Araneta Coliseum.
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Lalake sa Parola gets X rating

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As if we could never get enough of Harrison Chua aka Harry Laurel of the Men of Provoq, reader harrychuachika sends once again these wonderful images of Provoq’s main boy to my email [Thanks]. Harry, who starred in the movie Ang Lalake sa Parola, reportedly [I didn’t get to see the premiere at the UP Film Institute] flashed the family jewels a few times in the said flick. Yet, initial reports from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] revealed that upon first review, Parola got an X rating [not suitable for public exhibition]. The movie is slated for commercial release at Robinsons Galleria IndieSine on September 19 and the producers are apparently on the cutting room floor to submit the movie once again for the 5-man second review committee of the MTRCB. If the movie gets disapproved again, in its entirety, the movie will have to be appealed to the Office of the President. That means, the movie is on an uphill battle with the MTRCB to preserve the director’s cut. The regular showing of Parola would have to be tamer since the MTRCB found it, upon first review, not suitable for public exhibition because “[t]he work depicts in a patently lewd, offensive, or demeaning manner, excretory functions and sexual conduct such as sexual intercourse, masturbation and exhibition of the genitals.” Darn, I missed the premiere. [Photo credits: Niccolo Cosme]

Ram Sagad at the Cosmo Bash

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Twenty-one year old baller and model Sylvester “Ram” Sagad was such a refreshing sight to behold at the Air Cosmopolitan Flight 69 [Bachelors’ Bash] held recently. In short neon green disco shorts, Ram really worked the crowd that night with his boyish charm and built 6’3″ frame. Ram [he got his nick from Rambo, the famous character of Sylvester Stallone] currently plays for the San Sebastian College Recoletos Stags, together with JC Tiuseco. Incidentally, JC Tiuseco was Ram’s runner-up when he won the Century Tuna Superbods Image Model Search last summer.

Vote for Haroun!

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I bought tinapa [smoked fish] today from the Salcedo Saturday Market and along came Haroun Morales, stuck in the dank newspaper fish-wrap. I thought I’ll just share his photos published in the Philippine Star a few days ago. Besides, it might just be a reminder for me to thump for Haroun again, this time in the Be Bench – Be Anonymous or Be Famous Model Search. The Grand Finals Night will be on Tuesday at the Araneta Coliseum, where Haroun is up against two other gorgeous lads. To vote for Haroun, text BVote Ron and send to 2366.
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Private Parts Wearables

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UPH dragged me to Private Parts Wearables: All Out Fashion Show at the Metro Bar in West Ave., Quezon City. Somehow we had to experience watching a bikini fashion show for men, he said. And besides, Joaquin Casado is there, UPH tried to convince me. That did it. Despite the silly weather, the heavy traffic along EDSA, and the distance from our houses, we hurriedly went to West Ave. and searched for Metro Bar. The show started late but it was a grand butt-and-bulge show. There were funny bikinis on male models, guys you wouldn’t find in the Cosmo list [but Zachi Uy of Mossimo 2007 was there!]. Kish Mcbride, Dexter Castro, Jeffrey Surio and Will Sandejas were the more prominent [read: photos posted here somewhere] guys in wonderful, colorful, wearable, elegant, innovative intimate apparel. Cough. Too bad Joaquin Casado was a no-show.

Teaser: Aaron Tuiza

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Twenty-year old Aaron Tuiza is a part-time model from Canlubang, Laguna. The 5’11”-tall gorgeous lad was part of the preliminary games last night at the Cosmo Air 69 Party at the Tent. The game was a variation of the staple party pastime Trip to Jerusalem [instead of chairs, there were boys who served as chairs and who removed one piece of clothing at a time]. Prior to that, as he volunteered to exit after there were only three guys left against the three female contestants, the crowd howled and wanted him to stay. Instead, the uproarious audience pointed to a pale and gaunt model by the name of Marvin de Alban to leave. Poor guy, he was embarrassed on stage. Natch, Aaron Tuiza was the main guy-chair left when there were two girls remaining, after the other model [Joco San Juan] offered to leave lest he suffer the fate of Marvin de Alban. By the time he stripped down to his boxers, the crowd went berserk. UPH was saying, “Sisikat ‘to.” Uh-huh.

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Dingdong Dantes
The 8 Cosmo Centerfolds

l-r: Jon Mullally, Paolo Paraiso, Joem Bascon
Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco

Derek Ramsey and Luke Jickain

It was a screamfest. The Cosmopolitan Bachelors’ Bash was a howling success, judging from the deafening shrieks from an audience gone wild over the eight Cosmo centerfolds who showed up, plus the other daring men who walked the stage shirtless and sometimes, in their bikinis and skivvies. Derek Ramsey drew the loudest reaction from the crowd, as well as Dingdong Dantes and a revved-up Luke Jickain. While Joem Bascon was cutesy and Jon Mullaly aka Jon Avila was bashful, Bruno Folster and Marvin Wijangco were working the audience with their charm. Of course, Paolo Paraiso, who went in first, threw his shirt to the audience and walked the ramp, confident and sassy. And then there was Dingdong Dang-Teats, in a dramatic entrance. For a while I thought he’ll just stick with his shirt on. But then again, he simply ripped it up and proudly strutted the catwalk.

Dingdong, candid and loving it!

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Dingdong Dantes did show up at the annual Cosmopolitan Bachelors’ Bash. Photo above was taken a few hours ago at the NBC Tent at the Fort. Dingdong was one of the most popular and most applauded men [as he was the last to come out]. The show which lasted for an hour, with a hodgepodge of hot men and boys, is so far the best Cosmo Party – with a grand rock-ribbed stage, dazzling light show, and of course, the cute boys. No-show this year among the ten centerfolds were Alfred Vargas and Jake Cuenca. Too bad.
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Brown and Brawny: Wilson Morales

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Wilson Morales aka JR Pacheco was a finalist in the Oledom Bikini Open 2003, which was also participated in by Silver Morres, Mark James de la Cerna, and Provoq senior stripteaser Mark Anthony Logan. In the same year, he joined the Maharlikang Pilipino contest, a male pageant alternative to the bawdier Ginoong Pilipinas. From then on, Wilson Morales has been a prominent model in the bikini fashion shows at that time held in small venues, such as The Raw Collection. The moreno hunk, however, has not been seen lately.
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