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Red Magat is an aircraft mechanic technician by day and a part-time bikini model by night. This 5’11”-tall chunk was last seen as a bikini contestant in the Seiko Films-produced flick, Bikini Open. It seems like art imitates life, as Red Magat had been in most bikini contests in the country. Yet, Red Magat is proud to reveal that his earnings in modeling have put his three younger siblings to school in their native Obando, Bulacan.

The Rains!

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The rainy season is here – despite the unbearable heat during the early part of the day, there are the late afternoon sudden downpours in the city. Undoubtedly too, the discomforts of the season have descended: heavy traffic in the metro because of the flash floods, wet clothes and shoes, broken umbrellas, and no work and classes [not a discomfort]. It is really that time of the year when everything is hellish, especially to those taking the public commute to and from work or school. Methinks the best rain gear would have to be the cheap vinyl raincoat, the more transparent the better. Like what Rolly Egar, model above, is wearing.

Chinito Delish: Ryan Chan

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To those who like’em young-ish, Chinese-looking and lean, here’s twenty-four year old Ryan T. Chan, who is from Bulacan province. Ryan Chan has been “modeling for various bikini competitions in bars” according to his resume. This 5’11”-tall chinito’s claim to fame was winning the title Mr. Technological Institute of the Philippines back in 2003.
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John Carlo Cruz wins in Zambales Bikini Open

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UPH, isn’t that your favorite boy, John Carlo Cruz [no.17]? He finally won a bikini contest last April in faraway Iba, Zambales. Maybe the metro competition was too strong he had to go to the 2007 Zambales Bikini Open. Well, he had some stiff competition from veteran bikini contest contenders, Michael Hoo [middle] and Cherroy Curamen. Fortunately, John Carlo Cruz took home the top prize. So, UPH, that explains why he was busy.

The Pout 2: Domz Nadres

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The fantasy would have to be like this: at 2 a.m. there’s a naked guy up the dark alley and his name is Domz Nadres. This 21-year old part-time model has elicited lots of requests from you guys, I can’t help but put him here again. Although he may not be conventionally-handsome, Domz Nadres sure is one hunk with gobs of appeal, thanks to those vicious lips and sculpted bod.

Blue Eagle Delight: Doug Kramer

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The Ateneo’s former Blue Eagle forward Doug Kramer seems like he is on a new career path. One of the preeminent players of the Ateneo’s basketball team, the 23-year old, 6’4″ power forward has now graduated with an AB Interdisciplinary Studies course, and it seems like he is trekking towards showbiz. It is no surprise since he has long been dating a pretty gal from the bright lights and that he has been modeling underwear for Bench for quite some time.
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Oh Iago!

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For a time, I always thought Iago Raterta was a Brazilian [of the Tupi-Guarani stock] fly-in model. When he first came to the scene a few years back he was all over the Bench underwear ads in funny green cotton briefs. Totally unknown [except for die-hard collegiate basketball fans as he played for the UST Team], Iago had it easy entering the modeling biz, with his virile and potent looks. He really grows on you, I mean, he may not be drop-dead gorgeous but he is drop-dead gorgeous after 4 minutes staring at him. At the moment, he is one of the most requested models for ramps shows, as he is well-known for being quiet, efficient and a professional.
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Where is Doug Robinson?

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It seems like I haven’t been seeing Douglas Robinson on TV anymore. More specifically, this Cebuano model, who was a semi-finalist in the first Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2002, has gone a-missing from the noontime show SOP as part of Take 5 [Yes, Carlos I still watch and wait for you every 1 pm on Sundays. And we can talk about how you always traipse in your number]. I’m just wondering if he got booted out, merely resigned, or just on vacation.

Rainy season upon us [plus wet KC San Juan]

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The Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) declared the rainy season associated with the southwest monsoon officially on, to peak in July and August. According to reports, sudden torrents of rain have become more frequent in the metropolis and the western section of the country in the afternoons spawned by the southwest wind flow. Model above is KC San Juan, a part-time model and perennial bikini contest candidate.
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Patrick Ribbsaeter!

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Patrick Ribbsaeter may not be Filipino but he was in Manila for quite some time, doing modeling jobs and …. getting married. Famous for his Nescafe coffee TV ad , Patrick is half- Swedish and half-Thai. The 27-year old model also was married to a Filipina, party girl and former OUT host, Avi Siwa. Patrick is now based in India, with his own modeling and talent agency. For more photos, click here.
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