Extra-Caliente! Ernesto Calopez

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Ernesto ‘Jonjon’ Calopez, 25 years old, was one of the better-looking candidates in this year’s Valentino magazine Coverboy search [won by a short plain-featured lad by the name of JV Roxas]. It came as a big surprise to those in attendance during the contest [which lasted till 3 in the morning] that the tall chinito model from San Pedro, Laguna, did not even make it to the top 5, which was composed of a motley crew of guys with iffy credentials.

That’s Ernesto Calopez during the contest in a what-the-freak-are-you-wearing-now thong made of what looked like wrought metal brackets for the cup [reminiscent of avante-garde artist Gabby Barredo’s pieces then] to cover the privates and with just a strip of transparent plastic to hold such. More photos soon.

It is awfully hot in Manila!

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[Harold Pineda]

Summer is overextending its stay in the country, and it is scorchingly hot! Even at nights, the expected cool breeze in the city is nowhere near my windows. According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the highest temperature in the country so far this year is now 39.3∞C. The latest hottest temperature for Metro Manila was noted at 37∞C last April 24 at the PAGASA Science Garden in Diliman, Quezon City. Before, Metro Manila’s latest maximum temperature record was 36.8∞C last April 17. The erstwhile maximum temperature record this year was 39∞C in General Santos City last April 14. The highest temperature record in Philippine history is 42.2∞C in Tuguegarao City on May 11, 1969.

PAGASA said that the warm weather in the country is expected to reach its peak in the first half of May, the warmest month of the year before the onset of the rainy season in June. Among the highest recorded temperature in the country was 38.6∞C at the Manila Port Area on May 17, 1915; 38.1∞C at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on May 18, 1969; and 38.5∞C in Sangley Point, Cavite, on May 16, 1987.

That’s pretty good news as in the next few days, the hot temperatures will begin to go down in time for the rainy season. In the meantime, cold showers will do, just like what Harold Pineda [photos above] is doing. It is risky to that on the rooftop though.

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Appealing Amateur: Erwin Antonio

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This post is a breather from all the posts on male models [famous or otherwise], bikini contests, celebs, and actors. Here’s amateur Erwin C. Antonio, a 24-year-old native of Iloilo City who is now based in Manila to try his luck in the big city. Erwin stands 5’7″ and weighs approximately at 120lbs. At present, he hankers for a slot in showbiz with a little help from generous and big-hearted individuals.
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Remember Arjay John Mones?

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While we are on the matter of Ginoong Pilipinas, here’s Arjay John Mones , the Pandi [Bulacan] native who was the 2005 Ginoong Pilipinas grand winner. Easily the most controversial in his batch then, he first appeared as one of the contestants on Bodyshots 2004 [won by Dennis Dizon], together with his fresh-off-the-boat friend, a very young Maico Eduria aka Josh Ivan Morales. Next came the opportunity for showbiz, so he appeared as Mr.September and October for the 2005 Calendar Boys, where he was snapped in a naked romp in a grassy field, dong-a-dangling. After winning the Ginoong Pilipinas title, Arjay John Mones disappeared for a while from the limelight, concentrating on work in Saipan. Now he is back, obviously with a bit of weight [although he still looks good]. He is seen regularly as one of the male leads in Channel 7’s Daisy Syete, that seriously-titled kitsch of a show by the Sexbomb dancers.

Den deserved the title [or did the title deserve Den?]

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Thanks to Jewel, I came to know more about the winner of this year’s edition of the Ginoong Pilipinas. Despite the controversy generated by the number of winners [there were 11 winners, including the island-named runners-up plus the ordinal runners-up, and another winner for Mr. Tourism and Mr. Expo-World, the grand winner by the name of Denver Olivarez truly deserved the title from a ragtag and bobtail batch.

Den , who is from Bacoor, Cavite, came from a good undergraduate school that stood by the hill between the earth and the sky [rich, well-educated], went under the BS Mathematics Program [brainy], currently in law school, batch 2009, in that modern red-bricked building [rich, brainy], was treasurer in his class [rich, trusted], and active in the school societies.

They had to make him wear THIS!
Which now makes me wonder what the heck was he doing in Ginoong Pilipinas? Historically, and quite frankly, said pageant is so unlike its female counterpart, the Binibining Pilipinas [incidentally, the winner is also a law student from a top school]. The male pageant was always racked by rumpus, mainly because of the entry of sleazeballs in the contest [one contestant looked like Fairuza Balk from the Craft] and the presence of malicious old pansy geezers ready to take in some boys. I’m not privy to Den’s intentions in joining the pageant. I can only second-guess, and I’m sure he didn’t need the money: maybe he is having difficulties in his law school status, he just wanted a diversion away from it all; or maybe he wants to go showbiz; or maybe… I just don’t get it.

Just the same, Den, who is all that and a bag of chips, sure hell deserved winning. Now, will this win bring on some sophistication for Ginoong Pilipinas? Or will it de-glam puff boy Den eventually?

While he grudgingly takes a shower…

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….photos of Richard Ogana were taken. Of course, these were snapped for a magazine spread, all in the name of art or whatever prurient interest we all have. Model is Richard Ogana, a recent model for that underwear [I’m not really sure if you can call it that, as the models were not even wearing skivvies sometimes] show held a few months back. He was also the Moviewriters’ Choice Award at the Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open [won by Kish McBride].

The Toma Boys!

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[l-r: Jack Daniel, Joselito Cuervo]
[l-r: JV Martin, Sam Miguel, Carlo de Rossi]

Now that the liquor ban is over [because of the Philippine elections], boozehounds can rejoice. In the meantime, here are the Toma Boys of Valentino magazine, so-called because well, they were named after grogs. Let’s see, there’s a Carlo de Rossi [who’s Rother “RT” Tiglao in the real world]; a Sam Miguel named after the famous Philippine beer [trivia: he used to be a “Manny de Rossi” in a gay club in Quezon City. Funny.]; then a Jack Daniel, and the cute ones, JV Martin and Joselito Cuervo, real names unknown as of the moment. The group was formed for a male photography exhibit staged before by the magazine. Frankly, it is an inebriating group, if you ask me.

Looker: Kerwin Angeles

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Twenty-three year old Kerwin Angeles is currently the endorser for Home Suite, a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of various home furnishings. Kerwin Angeles is also a student at the Philippine Maritime College taking up Customs Administration. Also a part-time model, he has done fashion ramp shows for brands Jag, Arena and Caterpillar. Determined to make his mark in the biz, Kerwin has appeared in cameo tv roles in ABS-CBN’s Maala-ala Mo Kaya and Nginig .

Denver Olivarez: Ginoong Pilipinas 2007

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One of the favorites, Denver Olivarez is this year’s winner of the Ginoong Pilipinas pageant held last weekend at the Clamshell 2 PTA Tent in the Walled City, Manila. The Cavite Province representative beat heavy favorite Kish Mcbride, who landed somewhere in the nether regions [G. Pilipinas-Mindanao, which would make him around 5th or 6th places]. Incidentally, Denver Olivarez was one of the top 5 Talent Night winners, who performed on Finals Night for the Mr. Talent Award. The 411 on Denver Olivarez soon.

“Look Who’s Talking!”

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That’s the title of a 30-minute showbiz reports and commentary program on RJTV hosted by Chito Alcid, the talent manager and entertainment industry columnist and reporter of yore [Was he ever in Inday Badiday’s See-True or Eye to Eye?]. I am writing about this because somehow I get the urge every 5.30 in the afternoon [that’s Mondays to Thursdays only] to go home and click on the show. Chito Alcid dishes out the latest news in the biz, with some dissing of course.
Chito Alcid rants about showbiz for about 30 minutes because he doesn’t have commercials [he just promotes a hair grower and a tarpaulin company in his show]. What I do like most about the show is that he does a lot a-bitchin’ but in a positive way. This show is unlike his contemporaries over at UNTV – I think those are the Pete and Peter guys, with the aging transgender and old gay guy straight out of Pan’s Labyrinth, who collectively hiss and hoot about all the actors and celebrities in Manila. Chito Alcid’s “Look Who’s Talking!”, on the other hand, is different because he does it in a good i-care-about-the-biz way [e.g. Ricky Reyes’ ostentatious display of wealth in times of economic crisis, Wilma Doesnt’s kiss-and-tell about Onemig Bondoc – Chito: Wag mong gawing kabarrrret ang showbiz!, etc.]

Go watch the show if you have tv sets in your offices [it starts at 5.30pm] and it is good conversation material over at the water station or coffee machine. What I find amusing, too, is that Chito Alcid punctuates every report or comment with a Tse! or Tsura! Hilarious.
Last Thursday’s show carried a report about Jay Manalo, who seemed to have prolonged his stay at the casinos, which has prejudiced his career, family and finances. The report mentioned that Jay Manalo has been taking the cab lately because he has sold all his cars [Jay, including that Honda Accord plate no. YAJ 168 you regularly use? Groan.] Chito Alcid was saying that Jay Manalo will soon mend his ways because he knows Jay is a good guy. That is awfully sweet.

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