Luis Alandy is back!

by: rddantes May 29, 2007 | 1 Comment |
After a six-month hiatus from the biz, Luis Alandy is back in circulation. Luis took a forced leave after he got injured [torn leg ligament] from a basketball game. Apparently, he spent quite a hefty sum for the treatment of his injury, notwithstanding the projects he turned down because of his temporary disability. Now he can walk again, and GMA-7, his former TV station, has assigned to him a role in its new drama series, Impostora.
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The Pout: Domz Nadres

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Those oversized lips! Like Victor Basa‘s kisser, that of twenty-one year old Domz Nadres is sinfully jumbo-goopy. Which makes it all appealing for this 6′-tall hunk. Domz Nadres is a part-time model and pro bikini contest fixture. He was last seen at last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas -Metro Manila preliminaries.

Southern Hunk: Muammar Alih

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At the recent Ginoong Pilipinas pageant, Muammar Alih was the lone Muslim candidate, representing Zamboanga City. Unfortunately, the hunky Southern gent didn’t get the top or runner-up honors. Incidentally, he was last year’s 2nd runner-up and get this, Best in Formal Resort Wear [just what the freak is a formal resort wear?] at the Datu Marikudo Male Model Search, an annual bikini contest organized by Panay Island natives and staged in Boracay Island.

Naked Garden Romp: Bienmark Nebreja

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The naked truth is that twenty-one year old Bienmark Nebreja, while fully clothed, would not really be the type who stops you on your yellow-bricked tracks immediately based on looks alone. Naked, Bienmark Nebreja would merit a second look. He was a finalist in the 2006 Ginoong Filipinas-Metro Manila male pageant and the Mr. Campus Face 2006 Search.

Jon Mullally signs up for Star Magic

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Well waddya know J.? Jonathan “Jon” Mullally is now the newest Star Magic, Inc. talent and will be known as Jon Avila. Star Magic, Inc. [ABS-CBN Talent Management and Development Center], formerly ABS-CBN Talent Center, is teevee giant ABS-CBN’s network-based training and management program. I’m not so sure how he will be packaged by the network but maybe, just maybe, he can be like Andrew Wolff – you know, lose the Estuary English accent, speak fluent Filipino, show some butt, and punch girls and boys alike in the face.

Jericho Rosales regrets..

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…. being labeled a “Katok Boy.” According to reports from the Radio Mindanao Network Entertainment News, Jericho was a “Katok Boy” before he became an actor. A “Katok Boy” apparently goes a-knockin’ at doors to ask for financial help. In the case of Jericho Rosales, according to the report, when he was younger and poorer, he went from one beauty parlor to another in Marikina [where he used to stay] and asked for help from the gay beauticians, who were just to glad to help the cute fledgling with some thing in return, of course. The report said that their source was one member from Jericho’s former group, The Hunks, wherein said member was just not too happy keeping an information made in confidence by Jericho Rosales.
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Becoming Bien Rosales

by: rddantes May 26, 2007 | 1 Comment |

This is the second post on Bien Rosales, the handsome Tondo boy I previously featured. Bien Rosales, who stands 6′-tall, is half-Filipino, half-German. He studied high school in Germany, where his biological father lives. He came home to commence university education and to stay with his mother, stepfather, three half-sisters and one half-brother. He has plans of going showbiz. Otherwise, he says he wants to be a “filter machinist,”
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Redux: The Now-Famous Gym Instructor

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James Mark Banzon, the dishy gym instructor at Slimmers World Megamall, is well on his way to queer éclat, thanks to his recent photoshoot with a local mag, Red Hot. The hunky dreamboat, who has done the rounds of bikini contests in town, has plans of entering showbiz as an action hero or a drama actor. He is an only child, but he lives independently now in Mandaluyong City away from Los Banos, Laguna where his folks live.

Twinkie Kaisan is 1st RU in Heatwave!

by: rddantes May 25, 2007 | 1 Comment |

Despite the blue [or is it gray] contact lenses, our favorite twinkie Kaisan Lopez was a near-miss at the Heatwave 2007 – A Summer Bikini Showdown, held on 23 May at the Garden Resort in Alabang. Kaisan Lopez, who is very much visible these days for a showbiz coming, finished first runner-up to a more buff and unblemished chinito by the name of Harry Chua. Methinks Kaisan can always try again, as he is still young, inexperienced, and untouched by cosmetic science. For photos of the competition, click on, a site with impeccable pageant photos.

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