Kish McBride joins another contest. Again.

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Twenty-year old Kish McBride, buoyed by his recent win at the sleazefest Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open, is joining this year’s Ginoong Pilipinas. Kish McBride, who won the Manila preliminaries, is one of the favorites in this year’s contest, which has attracted more than 40 guys from around the country. The Ginoong Pilipinas pageant will be held on 12 May at the Clam Shell auditorium in historic Intramuros, Manila.

Luis, stop already. They have cast the role.

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Let’s see, why did the movie Spiderman 3 remind me strenuously of Luis “Lucky” Manzano, the 26-year old actor with the convent-girl articulation. I am absolutely certain it isn’t Tobey Maguire, no freakin’ resemblance there, although I see some abs and cuts in all the proper places. I’m guessing it must be Green Goblin or some villain called Hobgoblin. I’m just guessing guys.
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Winsome: Marco Gonzalez

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Marco Gonzalez is 20 years old, a student and one of this year’s contestants in the bare-for-all Search for Valentino Magazine Cover Boy. Although he is up against hunkier guys in the contest, which has attracted a lot of dancers, masseurs and model wannabees – all for a shot at their 15 minutes of fame, Marco stands out for his boyish charm.More photos and the 411 on Marco soon.

Dick-A-Day: Mark Latino [plus his twin brother]

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Twin brothers Mark Latino [topmost photos] and Enrico Oliviera – screen names, most probably, took different routes in the entertainment industry. The bolder Mark Latino was a dancer-stripper for RAMM, a gay club along Aurora Blvd. in Quezon City, while the meeker Enrico Oliviera went on to appear as a bit player on TV. These half-Persian, half-Filipino brothers were raised in the Antipolo hills by their Filipino mother and stepfather. Enrico was literally discovered on the streets selling iced water and candies by a director of Channel 2, who then cast him as an extra on the hit series Esperanza. Mark Latino, in the meantime, heated up the stage at RAMM and was a major draw then. He was also gay magazine lust-candy for a time. Not much has been heard of the brothers now.
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Random Pick for the Day: Luis Alandy

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In 1998, GMA-7 finally decided to emulate ABS-CBN Channel 2’s formula [Star Circle] for discovering unknown lookers, sort of a low-cost talent pool, for its soaps and other programs. One of the better-looking male talents who made the cut was then 18-year old Adrian Louis Alandy, or Luis Alandy. Born on 7 February 1980 in Manila, Luis grew up in middle class Antipolo City, a hilly burb outside Manila. Luis’s stay in GMA-7 was uneventful [Although, I distinctly remember his first role was a shirtless rural boy bathing in a river while lead actor Ruffa Gutierrez – it was her eponymous drama series then – was leering from the rocks. Funny.] Luis finally decided to jump ship to rival ABS-CBN in 2000. Ironically, he was included in the Star Circle Batch 9 and from then on, he eventually got noticed. The 5’8″ tall actor landed his first major acting role in the hit series “Pangako sa ‘Yo“. The drama series offers didn’t stop since then: “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas” (2003), “Vietnam Rose” (2005) and “Gulong ng Palad” (2005). He was also a member of the male revue Penis Talks and the sexy male group, Barako Boys. Luis has also passionately kissed a man [Polo Ravales] onscreen in the gay comedy flick, “Manay Po.” By the way, the actor finished a computer course at AMA-East Rizal campus and some units of Psychology at the San Sebastian College in Manila.

Hot and Provocative: Justin de Leon

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Justin de Leon, 24 years old and 5’9″ tall, is one of the original members of the pioneering sexy male group, Viva Hotmen. Now that the group has been disbanded to make way for the heady and ballsy Men of Provoq, Justin has also successfully made the crossover. Justin de Leon was a former bikini open veteran, most notable of which was winning the 2002 Bataan Bikini Open. He finished, apparently, a Business Management course but he opted to hang on in the biz. He was last seen in the indie gay movies Pusang Gala and Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Justin will next play a major role in another queer flick, Fantasia, where he gets to passionately tongue another male actor. And contrary to nasty rumors, he is not gay in the real world. I ardently think so.

Fresh and Comer: Kaisan Lopez

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In the list of Zen Buddhist names, Kaisan means “Opening the Mountain” or more specifically “Founding a Temple” or “Founding Priest.” Whatever mountains are being opened in the process, twenty-year-old Kaisan Lopez is one fine young specimen who deserves a token shrine. An Engineering student from Bulacan, Kaisan has been appearing of late in tv soaps and series. He hopes to be a mainstream actor someday. More photos soon.
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Béton Brut: Labor Day Special

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[l-r: Lester Quijano, Arnel Valencia, Anton Reyes,
Anthony Torres,Horace Rivera and Christian Medina]

Béton Brut literally means “concrete in the raw’, that is, concrete left in its natural state when the formwork is removed [The term gave the name Brutalism to the style of modern architecture in which exposed concrete is exploited as a feature]. It’s an architectural term that first came to mind when I saw these sweaty muscular young men in a construction area. Probably it was a stylist’s [and photog’s] fantasy to feature young men in scenes of figuration and erection, with all the contours, cuts and casts. Lovely, indeed.

Hardy: Andrew Smith

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Don’t you just love them rough, juicy and fleshy? I’m not talking about a pear. I’m referring to men or legal-aged boys, for that matter. This year’s winner of the Mossimo Bikini Summit, 21-year old Andrew Smith maybe just that. This 5’9″-tall, half-Filipino, half-Aussie tennis coach pulled a chunky surprise and grabbed the title, beating Manila’s seasoned models and reed-thin hopefuls for the summer’s uppity skimpy skivvy open. Undoubtedly, Andrew Smith has a beautiful face, more luminous and classy than the other candidates. And that is more than enough.

Aljarreau Galang, Yoga Instructor

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Aljarreau Galang, or simply Al Galang – second runner-up at the recently-concluded Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007, grew up in San Diego, CA but came home to Manila “to spread bikram yoga.” The 24-year old hottie took up Political Science and Art History at UCLA. Before flying in to Manila in October last year, he was a yoga instructor at the Bikram Headquarters in La Cienega, Bikram Fullerton, and Bikram downtown LA [the one right across Disney Concert Hall]. Now that he is home, the yoga instructor can be seen regularly holding classes at Bikram Yoga Manila with two studios in the metro – Makati and Quezon City. So if you need to lose weight or you always feel stressed or you lack energy or you want to learn from Al Galang himself, do bikram yoga and inquire from their website at
1 547 548 549 550 551 570