Allstars: Laurence Chua

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There’s a well-mannered chinito guy at Gold’s Gym [Makati] who goes by the name of Laurence Chua. If he looks familiar, this 25-year-old, 5’8″-tall guy recently appeared in the Aight! TVC for GlobeGenTxt with KC Concepcion. What I didn’t realize before was that he is part of the Philippines’ All-Stars, a group of young hip-hop dancers. Here’s a blurb from the group’s Myspace account: “Allstars is a Filipino-based dance group made up of 12 young and talented performers known for its authentic hiphop and RnB flava which combines different styles of urban grooves to its international status. The group puts breakdancing, pop lockin’, freestyling, krump, old school and new school in the mix. Each member contributes to the solid foundation thru their own inviduality and style. Allstars started as close knit friends coming from different backgrounds and was formed for the 4th World Hip Hop Championships held in Los Angeles, California where they placed 6th out of 26 other competing teams. Just recently, Allstars put Philippines on the map when they won the GOLD in the 2nd International Hip Hop Open D’Italia in Torino, Italy last June & the 5th World Hip Hop Championships in Redondo Beach, California last July 29, 2006. They continue and hope to positively improve the country’s standards in the entertainment industry by spreading their knowledge and awareness thru the art of dancing. Allstars are featured in many events, concerts, tours, TV guestings, commercials, music videos and print ads. ” Someone’s making us proud.
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Black is the color…

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There’s the theme for this Saturday post. Joseph “Thou” Reyes [topmost photos] is 22 years old, 5’9″ tall and a former child actor-turned model. He joined the 2006 Mossimo Bikini Summit and has appeared in major fashion shows [e.g. Penshoppe Denimlab Rockfest] and commercials [e.g. Nestea Iced Tea TVC]. He was formerly a talent of ABS-CBN’s pioneering gag show for kids, Ang TV. On the other hand, Michael “Miggs” Espina [the bamboo photos] is 24 years old, 5’10” tall and a veteran bikini contestant. He is also a full-time model, who has appeared as one of the full-monty models in the stage play Penis Talks and as one of the dancers in that movie Twilight Dancers . He is also model Guiness Nabung’s beloved best friend.
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Beach Wear Alert!

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Not that I am complaining: the good designer at the 2007 Philippine Fashion Week put Iago Raterta in those clothes, and it brings good delight to us all. But the question would have to be: Will you wear those to the beach? Or, when you go pick dainty pink flowers with a woven basket over at Barangay Balabag or Yapak, way up the hills where you get a remarkable view of the Island of Boracay, will you doll up with what Iago’s bearing, I mean, wearing? Of course, you will.
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Must Love Dogs [Or Another Shameless Plug for Vince Canizares]

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Okay, this has nothing to do with man’s best friend. The Century Tuna Superbods is fast approaching, and one of the featured contestants is 23-year old and 6’1″-tall model Vince Canizares. There’s tough competition ahead for this male mod, as some of the country’s top models are also competing in the event. But, this first-timer [in a modeling contest] is unfazed, what with a 6-year print, TV and runway experience tucked behind him. Here’s hoping he’ll win. To vote for Vince type CT M04 to 2922 (all networks)

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Primo: Zac Cua

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Twenty-four year old Zac Cua is a part-time model and has appeared in fashion shows for minor designers. He has been joining bikini contests ever since he started modeling but the best finish for this 5’9″-tall guy is the first runner-up trophy in the fourth edition of Style Eyecatchers Model Search, a modeling contest sponsored by Upstyle Modeling Agency. He was last seen at the Sta. Lucia Mall-sponsored Sexy Bodies 2007, which was won by Johnron Tanada.
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Dilly, Doozie: Fabio Ide

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The Japanese population in Brazil [nipo-brasileiro] constitutes the largest Asian group in that country. Most notably, there is a large concentration of Japanese immigrants in São Paulo’s Liberdade District. It must be recalled that the first Japanese immigrants, along with the Chinese, arrived in Brazil in 1908 in search of a better life. They worked as farmers in Brazil’s vast coffee farms. Naturally, some Japanese immigrants married native Brazilians and other Brazilians of European, African and Amerindian descent. That explains the highly diversified and unique look of some, if not most, Brazilians. Today, however, due to the economic and political problems in Brazil, there is an ongoing immigration of Japanese Brazilians to Japan – they were termed Dekasegi. Japan has warmly welcomed the Dekasegis as working visas were freely offered to them.

One Japanese Brazilian who is looking for better opportunities abroad is a model who goes by the name of Fabio Ide. He is in town, and he has appeared in a TV commercial [Enervon vitamins] and fashion shows for top designers in the metro. I always thought he is male-model-tall [that is 6′ and above] but he lists his height at 182 cms, which converts to a little less than 5’10”. Pretty soon, the cute nipo-brasileiro will move out of the country and land in other Asian countries [usually, pro Brazilian models stay 3 months in each country to pump up their resumes before moving to Europe and the US for bigger opportunities]. Incidentally, another drool-worthy Japanese Brazilian is model Leandro Okabe.

What’s happening with Don Mendoza?

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Male model Roldunne “Don” Mendoza’s going jelly-belly. During the gala night of the Philippine Fashion Week at the Rockwell Tent, the 6’1″-tall Roldunne “Don” Mendoza was one of the featured male models and it looks like he is getting rather pudgy in the middle. The Philippine rep to Manhunt 2007 has definitely been gaining some sandbags ever since he went from struggling startup to top model status. I mean, look at the photos above as compared below [which were taken when he was just new], Don Mendoza must be following the footsteps of his please-explain-why-he-is-a-model friend Austin [AJ] Walker, who is also, sadly, now a bit chunky for a male mannequin. It must be the food at the rented Dasmarinas Village house of his hefty mentor-friend.
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Carlos Bernardo Santos Concepcion

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He holds a hyphenated title as long as his name. Model-entrepreneur-singer-dancer-designer Carlos Bernardo Santos Concepcion has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Easily the most controversial in his group, Take 5 – that boyband that performs every 1 pm on the Sunday show SOP, Carlos has remained unscathed. In fact he has admitted to the photos that circulated in the net recently [see post ]. Still, his person remains a mystery as to his lineage [apparently an heir of the Concepcions of RFM, but isn’t Joey Concepcion the heir of the empire?], his school [DLSU or Benilde?], his real occupation [he listed “designer” in the last Metro Magazine body calendar]. All I know is that his mother is a prominent Santos of Cebu, that he has a big vacation house with a big pool somewhere south of Manila, and that he walks as if he’s floating. I’m not making the last one up, but he does look nice doing that; imagine his heels not touching the ground, that is how he does it. Just watch SOP every Sunday and see for yourselves. It is awfully cute. And then again, let’s give the good kid a break. He is in the biz to earn a living and to enjoy his life.

Dennis Trillo, Recording Artist.

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From an obscure actor in ABS-CBN, Dennis Trillo went over to the other side, GMA-7 and achieved fame. Now an A-list tv and movie actor, Dennis Trillo has also released an album under iMusic [owned by singers Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid]. The self-titled album has for its carrier single Air Supply’s “All Out of Love” which was previously used in his sanitary napkin commercial. I’ve always liked this guy, not only for his good looks but also for his naturally shy demeanor. In person, he looks short and small, but what the heck, Dennis Abelardo Ho [his real name] turns up the appeal dial to the high levels. Go buy the album, guys. There are nice photos inside.
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Carlo David Scholz, Starbrighter.

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Remember the Starbrighters in the late 80s ? Yes, that talent variety show which went up against the then-formidable teen show That’s Entertainment. In that show, which was handled by talent manager Boy C. de Guia, teens who were goodlooking enough were made to sing, dance and declaim a speech [there really was a declamation part, for some]. Among the young hopefuls then was a mestizo kid who went by the name of Carlo David. Now 26 years old, Carlo David Scholz is into modeling. His only appearance then in a movie was in the feature film Mga Ulilang Anghel produced by Regal Films. He was a child commercial model for Milo, Purefoods, McDonald’s and Colgate. From 1992-2005, he went to the US to study [Animation Design at the Highline Community College in Des Moines, WA] and work [United Airlines]. And now, this 5’10”-tall guy is back in the Philippines for modeling and acting jobs.

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