Kish McBride wins Hataw Superbodies

Kish McBride, a 20-year old Philippine Maritime Institute-student, won this year’s edition of Hataw Super Bodies 2007, besting 22 other bikini-clad hotties. Kish, who started out joining small-time village pageants [he won Macho Guapito Body Beautiful in his barangay and the Tropical Hunks Bikini 2006 1st runner-up trophy], topped pageant veterans and models in the annual free-for-all thongs tilt, held at the Metro Bar in Quezon City. More photos to follow.

Hoo-Yeah! Michael!

To complement the post of UPH [see Michael-Hoo-Majestic-Chinito ] here are far more far-out photos of Michael Hoo from the promo bookazine Troika. It seems that this cute Chinese mestizo, who is only 23 years old [and yes UPH, he does look old for his age but he is cute anyways], is in a hurry for his 15 minutes of fame. The 6′-tall Tarlac province native has been joining teen bikini competitions of late. In any case, he does seem to hold some promise in the looks and brawn department, and the future looks sunshine-y for this guy.

Stripped: Alfred of the Valentino Boys

Alfred dela Cruz is 23 years old and one of the Valentino Boys, the buff pack of Valentino magazine. Rather short at 5’7″, this Bulacan province native has modeled for and appeared in bikini competitions. Unfortunately, he hasn’t won any. At present he is the resident naked-as-a-jaybird photo subject of a senescent designer based in Quezon City. And the photos are, admittedly, molto buon e bello!

The return of Chika Chika!

The secret magazine of every adolescent gay boy in the late 80s and early 90s – Chika Chika, is back, and better than ever. It must be recalled that Chika Chika Magazine, which was the queen fag mag of its era, contained centerfold images of Filipino hunks from Anton to Zoltan, aside from a smattering of showbiz gossip and promotional feeds. Chika Chika was the original gay rag before the likes of glossier Valentino, Coverboy, G [Gigolo] and the salacious Ultimate Expose and Male Bodyshots magazines came into being. Ultimately, Chika Chika, a publication of Graphic Arts and Services, Inc. or GASI, died a natural death.
Now Don Juan Publishing [also the publishers of the new Valentino and Coverboy magazines] has come up with the resurrected Chika Chika magazine. Judging from the cover featuring Ken Nash [aka Derick Rivera of Kuoros 2006] and Alias Gabriel [the younger, cuter one], it has great sparkling promise. Although the showbiz format was stripped, the magazine still features newcomers in the bare-all scene amidst risqué tales. One thing I noticed was the propensity of the photogs to capture the young male models from behind while they were bent over. Hot! Go buy the magazine guys as it has tons and tons of photos and stories.

When I was small, and too young to understand…

…I had the biggest crush on Enrico Quizon. Eric first came to the spotlight as the Comedy King’s model son in the first models-only Bodyshots contest [sponsored by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines ] in 1986. Although Eric did not win the prize [which went to Leo Rabago in the professional division, and Bernard Navarro in the amateur division ], he went on to get offers in modeling stints and movie projects. He had a nice bod at that time, and his speedo pics can attest to that. So, when I was small and too young to understand, I had the ultimate fool’s paradise in the person of this guy. I met Eric when I was already of age, and legally cognizant of matters, affairs, intercourse and annals of life. He is now the director of GMA-7’s adventure series, Asian Treasures.

Sweet-Tempting: Kerk Vincent of the Valentino Boys

Kerk Vincent is one of the better-looking Valentino Boys. He is 18 years old and stands 5’9″. He has done the rounds of bikini contests and modeling stints for minor designers in town. Sorry guys, I do not have much on this guy, who, like the other Valentino boys, needs a little polishing and gymmin’ [and a barber].


Where in the world is Allyson VII? In the 90s whenever movie director Maryo J. delos Reyes wanted a young actor who can strip in his flicks, he would always cast a relative unknown player distinctly known as Allyson VII. And just like Direk Maryo’s stable of studs, he was gay magazine fodder in his skimpy speedos and tighty whities. He was last memorably seen in the depressing movie Paraiso ni Efren starring Anton Bernardo and the arthouse favorite Magnifico. Composite photo below is fairly recent showing a portly Allyson, now married with one child

Bruce Quebral goes to Slovenian Big Brother

The local edition of Big Brother recently announced on the show that on 19 April, “Basketball Hunk” Bruce Quebral will board a plane to Slovenia and room in with that country’s BB edition. Bruce, who knows nothing about the swap until he boards the plane, will be in Slovenia for a week. Methinks that would be awfully traumatic; imagine, of all horrors, being told that you will be thrown into where-the-heck-is-Slovenia when you are already on the airplane! According to the Slovenian Big Brother management, they selected Bruce for the inter-country swap [one Slovenian girl, Tina, will join Pinoy Big Brother] because of his good looks as there are not enough handsome guys in the BB house. Here’s hoping a more liberal Slovenian house will show Bruce in more ways we can imagine.

The exploitation [mini] saga continues..

[l-r: Harold Montano, Kryven Lacson and AJ Smith]

At the office of the Quezon City Assistant Prosecutor Laurence Chua Cheng earlier in the day, the case of the male boldies was heard against the fake movie producer [see link ] Apparently, it was a criminal case for Acts of Lasciviousness. The protagonists were there – Twilight Dancers bit players Harold Pineda [he looks better in person] and Kryven Lacson [frankly he looks better and slimmer in person, too; the last time I posted his pics I got cursed twice over, I wonder why], and The T Show resident twinkie AJ Smith, half-Filipino, Half-Lebanese cutie. The case has sparked some reviling vigilance in the public forum threads of TV station GMA 7 [which featured, rather staged the story], which comments generally condemned the guys for merely “looking for publicity” as they were seasoned veterans of bare-all shows and movies. Someone even quoted as follows: “they are known stripteaser gays- gold diggers and cheap sex slaves of foreign customers hired around the makati/malate district…they have pending galloping credits to be paid and need big amount of money to pay them out, their souls!!! ” [I’m just quoting guys from link]. Let’s see what happens next then.