Vote for Haroun!

Guys the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007 [Take it Underground!] is up again this year, which event will be held in Manila on 21 April at an undisclosed location [organizers must be having a hard time looking for a venue to their so-called reggaethon party-contest]. One of the finalists is Haroun Morales, all grown up now [see pics above, as opposed to those below, which were taken 2 years ago]. Please vote for him by text message in the following format: MBS07 [space] M02 to 2366.

Dishy: Jester Cristobal

Fate has it that maybe his folks took a fancy to a clown or a buffoon when he was born. Jester, yes that is his real name, is a Hotel and Restaurant Management student at the World City Colleges in Kalookan City. He was formerly a member of Dyna Dancers [the recent batch, not the Alma Moreno back up] and currently with an all-boy dance group, Break Zone.

Beefcake: Arnold Ortanez

When a gay club by the name of Klub Maginoo opened somewhere near Monumento in Kalookan City, no cool gay guy in the metro wanted to go because of the seamy environment of the place. But when word got around that a certain Arnold Ortanez was the star dancer of Klub Maginoo, and that he was very, uh, generous as he was bountiful, the gay guys started trooping to the place, braving the dark and yecchy alleys of Kalookan. As the fate of male strippers go, Arnold got old, and apparently went to Japan for work.

Richard. Soon!

I have received lots of requests for Richard, not only in the cbox but also in my email. I’m asking for a little patience guys, as pretty soon I will post some pictures here. Keep coming back and bookmark this site. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, too.

The Other Brothers Guesande

Remember the other two brothers that composed the sibling triumvirate of strippers who blazed through the gay bars some time back? [Shades of the Rockland brothers, although they have not done gay movies and all of them are straight supposedly]. I featured Paul earlier [see recent posts] in rather tame studio shots. Photos above are of younger brother Jay who was initially the more daring one as he came out with a series of pictures in his birthday suit prior to posing with his brothers. The ones below are of Denmark, the youngest [and probably the longest] among the three. Relatively new, he came into the scene when his brothers were already established in the biz. The photos [except the first two above] are hazy – as they were meant to be that way – and taken from the bookazine Rice.

Feral: Victor Neri

I last saw him at Applebee’s with his father and friends, in Madison Heights, MI. He apparently frequents MI every year to visit his father who is based there. One thing that struck me most about him was his quiet yet confident cast. And beneath those winter clothes, one could still sense some raw appeal, libidinous in nature. Cited by Yes! [Philippines] magazine in 2005 as one of the sexiest in showbiz, Victor Neri has of late been appearing on tv as the take-charge guy in GMA 7’s series Bakekang.