The Other Brothers Guesande

Remember the other two brothers that composed the sibling triumvirate of strippers who blazed through the gay bars some time back? [Shades of the Rockland brothers, although they have not done gay movies and all of them are straight supposedly]. I featured Paul earlier [see recent posts] in rather tame studio shots. Photos above are of younger brother Jay who was initially the more daring one as he came out with a series of pictures in his birthday suit prior to posing with his brothers. The ones below are of Denmark, the youngest [and probably the longest] among the three. Relatively new, he came into the scene when his brothers were already established in the biz. The photos [except the first two above] are hazy – as they were meant to be that way – and taken from the bookazine Rice.

Feral: Victor Neri

I last saw him at Applebee’s with his father and friends, in Madison Heights, MI. He apparently frequents MI every year to visit his father who is based there. One thing that struck me most about him was his quiet yet confident cast. And beneath those winter clothes, one could still sense some raw appeal, libidinous in nature. Cited by Yes! [Philippines] magazine in 2005 as one of the sexiest in showbiz, Victor Neri has of late been appearing on tv as the take-charge guy in GMA 7’s series Bakekang.

Hunky-Dory: Sherwin Quizon

He was discovered while working as a receptionist in Max’s Restaurant in Bacoor, Cavite. Twenty-two year old Sherwin, who stands at 6’1″ , since then has appeared in ramp shows [mostly wedding fashion, with the exception of one relatively big bikini show, the C Show -Carter Underwear Fashion Show] in the metro. Currently an Architecture student at the Far Eastern University, he has also done some TVCs [Mr. Clean, Taheebo Green Tea] and a stage play [Ilusyonada].

Sons of a Preacher Man: The Brothers Jickain

The tales of the two model brothers who made it big in Manila’s fashion runways are quite different. Sons of a [French] preacher man to a Filipina, 23-year old Martin is older and shorter than Luke. The younger one though was the first to enter modeling. Martin later came into the scene by entering the Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2004 [won by Italian model Marco Grazzini] and again in 2005 [runner-up to Tarlac City boy, the Swedish-Filipino Einar Ingebrigsten]. From then on, designers and commercial casters took notice of Martin’s mestizo looks as opposed to Luke’s dark and lusty bearing. And then the pansy-ish Martin, who associated in the company of a gay city councilor in Quezon City with a pink posse, got introduced to one-time-actress-now-councilor Aiko Melendez. After a much-publicized marriage, Martin is now happily maintaining a family with one child, sometimes pinch-hitting for his wife in public occasions. Meanwhile Luke is still hitting the runways and TVCs. Outspoken model Wilma Doesnt lately commented on radio that the model with the biggest appendage is Luke. [Refrain] The only one who could ever reach me Was the son of a preacher man The only boy who could ever teach me Was the son of a preacher man Yes he was, he was, ooh, yes he was (yes he was).

Comer: Clutch Marquez

Fresh-faced Clutch Marquez stripped his way to fame in one of Quezon City’s more famous gay bars. He was one of the most popular dancers in that club, until he suddenly disappeared from the limelight. Most people in his workplace say that he left for Japan to seek greener pastures. Apparently, the guy’s married with kid[s] and living somewhere in Tondo or Kalookan City.

Redux: Roy Rodrigo

I’m betting one reader requested Roy Rodrigo, not Juan Rodrigo [Although I believe there are also salacious pics out there of Nora Aunor’s beloved JR, when he appeared in the 1982 opus Moral]. Center photo was taken during Roy’s last few months in the biz, before retiring to oblivion.

Cocky: Richard Guebar

He now carries the name Richard Guebar. He was another seasoned bikini contest aspirant. His latest career episodes ranged from playing one of the mermans in the GMA 7 fantasy series Atlantika, an archer also in GMA’s Encantadia, and a henchman in Captain Barbell. He claims to have done a porn flick which was exclusively released in Europe [will look for it on 8th Ave. soon]. Three years ago, when he was still a bit on the heavy side, he was bolder…….