Paolo Rivero Redux

These are the other promo photos of actor Paolo Rivero for the M2M4 EXXXXTREME [The Ultimate Guide to Sensational Sex].  While he may be a wee bit older than his fellow actors in the straight-to-video gay flick, Paolo Rivero still has the body and the appeal to headline the movie.  Reportedly, he has a full frontal scene in M2M4.   

22 thoughts on “Paolo Rivero Redux”

  1. omg! he’s so hot! sya ba ung nasa manay po 2 na coac ni jiro manio sa swimming? swerte naman ni jiro! haha
    para syang matured na si jake cuenca!:D

  2. malayo di hamak kumpara kay cedric javier na di maganda ang ugali….at least itong si Pao;o, after all these years, remained respectable unlike christopher libunao na isinusuka na ng 3rd world!

  3. contrary to what others say, paolo rivero NEVER had a FULL FRONTAL shot in the m2m exxxtreme video. yes, NOT EVEN A FRAME, except for kris king.

    there was a pseudo-fellatio scene given by another actor paired with king. just forgot the name.

  4. Naku RD sinungaling ka ba? Ano ba talaga, me frontal ba o wala? Kakaloka kayo ha. Kung me frontal di bibili ako pag wala hindi. So whats the truth?

  5. gra-va!

    lumapad ng kaunti… but the way i like! super fetish ko yung may love-handles!

    he’s so freaking HOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!!!

    kung pwede ka lang matikman… hay…

  6. he’s aging gracefully, at kahit sha ang pinaka mashonda sa cast, siya pa rin ang pinaka appealing! ewan ko ba bat tinanggap pa nya ang straight to video flick na toh, eh sa totoo lang may kaunting prestige na naman shang nagain, may napatunayan na sya as an artist! eh yung iba? naku mga starlets forever.

  7. I bought a copy of M2M4Extreme and believe me there’s no frontal nudity at all! My friend I agreed that its a waste of money and time. There’s not even a decent kissing scene. Puro pa artistic ek-ek lang. I’m sure you know what I mean when I say its Harang. Don’t even bother. Sana they stop false info.

  8. I like Paolo ever since I watched Live Show. Animalistic sex appeal!

    don’t expect frontal scene on pinoy flicks like M2M4 Extreme because they are still regulated by the government. maghanap na lang tayo dito sa internet. mas maigi pa nga sa site na ito, may “uten”. hehe

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