For C.

This post is for a dear friend, C., who has the hots for Paul Guesande, erstwhile danseur-provocateur from Adonis, a gay club in Quezon City. Reportedly, he is now a dance instructor somewhere in Greenhills, where his services are most needed in the most indispensable and impassioned way. Too, after retiring from Adonis, he used to drive a taxicab around the metro – thrilling his happy passengers with his bulky and beefy bearing on the driver’s seat.

4 thoughts on “For C.”

  1. paul’s body looks straight out of the rennaisance paintings by leonardo da vinci: round and fleshy, a joy to hold and caress..

    if he were younger, he could have been one of those angels inhabiting the sistine chapel at the vatican, except that we look at him now and try to figure out what’s that divine delight hidden by the fig leaf between his thighs? ahh, sinful thought. mea culpa!

  2. there was a retro (dance) event in fitness first makati a few weeks back and one of the instructors looks like him. hindi kaya sya yun?

  3. yeah, oo nga, I saw that guy din before in fitness first alabang, sabi ko na nga ba eh, he looks familiar pero his body is not that buff as in this picture. Can anybody confirm?

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