Kiro Baldemor in new movie Paupahan

New actor Kiro Baldemor is set to appear -in full naked glory – in the movie Paupahan [with English title: For Hire] produced by ATD Entertainment Productions. ATD stands for Allen T. Dizon [the lead and producer of the movie]. This will be the first movie for the Pampanga province native, which movie also stars big-name actors Gloria Romero, German Moreno, Snooky Serna, and Jay Manalo.

Paupahan interweaves three main stories: The first is an elderly woman [Gloria Romero] who fights over the dead body of a philandering husband, with another woman. She finds solace in a gay friend [German Moreno], who is also dealing with his own problems in the person of his ward [Kirby de Jesus of Starstruck]. The second story is about a hired assassin [Jay Manalo] on a job to kill a politician. Later on, it will be revealed that the assassin had to work to maintain a mentally-deranged wife and an eight-year-old daughter. The third story is a small-time bit player [Wendy Valdez] who shacks up with the driver of a caterer close to the movie director, just so she will be given movie projects. Her mother [Snooky Serna] is sick with cancer while her former lover [Allen Dizon] is a stuntman who pimps kids. The movie – with Joven Tan as director – seems interesting enough, worth watching out for.

8 thoughts on “Kiro Baldemor in new movie Paupahan”

  1. i agree masarap himurin sa kapal ng bulbol. the movie seems interesting. but it seems i am more interested in this guy. beefcake. hehe.

  2. Yung main picture at back view niya, para siyang mataba. Pero yung side view ng katawan, mukhang okey naman. Gayunpaman, type ko siya.

  3. kinda interesante ang story line nung movie na dine-describe…AAAYY!! about da luluki pala ang post na itech! soweeeee! najan ka palah.

  4. ORGANIC…that’s the most simple word i can think of to describe Kiro. myself being a vegan could devour his crisp and crunchy leaves + a generous sprinkle of italian E.V.O.O…THIS I CALL GOOD FOOD. *****

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