Phil Younghusband for Hanford Ice

The newest image model for local underwear brand Hanford Ice is 20-year old British-Filipino athlete Phil Younghusband. Phil, together with older brother James [ turning 21 this September], first came to the Philippines in June 2005 to scrimmage with the national football team. From then on, they played for Team Philippines in football events in the region, notably the ASEAN Games and the ASEAN Cup. Phil played for Chelsea’s reserve team and is now waiting word from Los Angeles Galaxy in US Major League Soccer.

12 thoughts on “Phil Younghusband for Hanford Ice”

  1. let me guess, long and lean din ang anking kagandahan ni tisoy. ba’t ba kayo nagsusumiksik sa struggling third-world country namin? malamang kasi, you don’t matter enough to slug it out dun sa mga bansang pinanggalingan ninyo no? kaya sugod sa land of the indios where you’re almost sure to get noticed. (imbiyer??) LOL

  2. i really wish makeup artists would stop putting too much gloss on male models’ lips. what they should have done here was tame his eyebrows, but not to a queeny extent. i dont really understand why they like making male models look so feminine in this country.

  3. agree ako kay kagandahan …but ang problem ay lokang loka pa rin ang mga pinoy sa mga “mestizo look” be it western, chinese, indian and now arab looks. mga tae lang iyan sa bayan na pinanggalingan nila, looking for an easy way to get rich and too lazy to pursue higher education to make it on Main Street. kaya ako ang native boys pa rin ang type ko. that way I help the local economy and tourism – baka bigyan ako ng medal for nationalism ni GMA … hehehehe.

  4. in fairness to phil younghusband, he and his brother james are achievers in their own right. phil was a known football player in his england school before he got discovered and later played for the philippine national team, and the asean football championship – so much unlike the the other filams like the montero brothers, etc., whose only claim to fame is their accent, and their phalluses. — demure

  5. ‘Yung “tae” comment above reminds me of what Cindy Kurleto said on Mel & Joey. Her classmates in Austria actually called her “tae” in their language. They weren’t impressed by her being Eurasian and all.

  6. Kagandahan and maple: I’m a filipino based in KL, unlike us, Filipinos, most Asians and even westerners except Americans are avid fan of football (in the US they call it Soccer), the Younghusband brothers aren’t models actually they are footballers and they’re quite good with it. In fact if youre familiar with the FA League (in the UK) where the likes of Beckham, Ronaldo (Portuguese) and Torres all came from and well some of these guys are still playing for this league – is considered the most popular football league globally and Chelsea is one of the football clubs in this league where the Younghusband brothers play, we should be proud of these guys coz’ they will surelay make us proud in the future and not only that, they can also help encourage young Filipinos to play football where I believe is a better sport for us coz’ we are fast runners, and has a good stamina unlike basketball where height is a key factor and not all Filipinos are tall enough. We also look for fil-ams or mixed Pinoys. Ponder on this guys! Dont jump into conclusion because I think ad agency saw them thats why they were ask to this ad but nothing more than that coz’ I believe these guys are for real, they love FOOTBALL and they can make us PROUD! – Teddy from KL

  7. maple further says …..finally may mga bloggers palang that make sense after all. hindi kamukha ng mga iba puro ka-gagahan at ka-hayukan ang mga nasa isip. keep it up girls. this makes blogging more interesting and the grey matter working but save the elbow grease for the nude of the day. kudos to all.

  8. hay naku, ang fez- hindi kagwapuhan. ang body- mashadong payatola. ang layout- ang cheap ng dating ng effects. Flopsina ang campaign na itch for choor.

  9. younghusband brothers are so nice and humble….. i already saw them in person and got their autographs and lots of pics…!!! i love them so much…!!! and i’m proud to say that i am their #1 fan…!!!

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