Huge: Raymond Miranda

I was aimlessly watching the telly last Saturday night, and suddenly I came upon another driveling comedy show on Channel 2 [the one with Dolphy]. What made me put down the remote, however, was the appearance of one appealing guy in one sequence. He looked all-too familiar to me and straightaway, he came to me as the Raymond Miranda of the gay rags. Hugely popular because of his tight schlong slings, Jimboy [his nickname] is 20 years old and a native of Macabebe, Pampanga province. This 5’8″-tall part-time model and actor took up Computer Technology at STI Pampanga. Reportedly the brother of another hottie, Viva Hotmen’s Alken Miranda, Jimboy was discovered by a talent scout while kibitzing in a movie shoot in his hometown.

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