Beleaguered leading man Piolo Pascual will finally have his own fantasy series in his home studio. Entitled “Lobo” [Wolf], Piolo will star opposite Angel Locsin in what is touted as the most ambitious project to date of ABS-CBN. The series, reminiscent of a Blood and Chocolate plot, will have Angel Locsin as a white Siberian Husky that turns into a human in flowing white robe, with Piolo as, I think, a soldier. The trailer of the series got me going, and along with the others, I’m eagerly thrilled to watch the pilot on January 28.

8 thoughts on ““Lobo””

  1. OH my! just got lucky, kasi first time kung nakita siya in person yesterday sa pressconng lobo sa studio 1 ng abs-cbn, sinama ako ng kaibigang reporter na siyang nagturo sa akin about sa blog site na ito na pagka bonga bonga lalo na sa mga dick-a-day posts. salamat sa owner ng blogna ito. grabehhhhhhhhhhh! anyways, gwapo talaga si Papa P. in fairness ang layo ng mukha niya sa tv kaysa sa personal. masarap talaga siya, keber ang mga chika chika dyan sa tabi tabi. at tama ka (writer ng blog) ang ganda ng trailer ng lobo to the max. ok, mag back read muna ako kasi ang ganda pala ng blog site na ito.

  2. BLINK,BLINK, BOINK,BOINK…that’s how my laptop sounded this last 2 weeks…now i finally got it back from HP…and like the viagra man would say, “I’M BACK.” (got lots to catch up) *****

  3. maganda pa rin naman ang katawan niya.. pero it already shows signs of an aging body…. so payo lang.. keep your shirt on!

  4. Signs of an aging body? It’s the physique of a man at the peak of his powers. He’s not spring chicken anymore so why expect the delicate yumminess of a teener. Chismis or no, with or without Sam, Piolo is the beauty god to beat.

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