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Of course, everyone knows by now the story about Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual [photo above] courtesy of veteran showbiz writer and manager, Lolit Solis. Before the week ended, the two guys filed a case of libel against the writer for insinuating that the two were caught lovey-dovey inside Sofitel Philippine Plaza Hotel [the former Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel] on 12 October. The two actors denied they were at the hotel on that day. Ms. Solis of course stood by her story, even declaring that she has a video of Piolo Pascual going down a Hummer in front of the hotel lobby on that same day [even as she admitted she didn’t have a video of Sam Milby on that day]. The whole affair is getting messier, as the matter has been elevated to the court. And inside the courtroom, everyone on the witness stand is under oath, such that no one is supposed to lie.

In libel cases, every defamatory imputation is presumed to be malicious, even if it be true, if no good intention and justifiable motive for making it is shown. So, the truth may be given in evidence to the court and if it appears that the matter charged as libelous is true, and, moreover, that it was published with good motives and for justifiable ends, the defendant shall be acquitted.

This is a tall order for Ms. Solis as the defendant in the case. Maybe her good motive will be merely an innocent reporting of the incident inside the hotel. Maybe she can get witnesses from the hotel that the two guys were actually there. Of course, the hotel staff won’t give any testimony unless they want to lose their jobs. Suggestion: On 12 October, Ultra Mega Wholesale and Retail Mart had a large whole-day event at the Harbor Garden Tent, where big- name actors and singers entertained the suppliers and clients. There maybe some people – showbiz and corporate – who saw the two guys there in the coffeshop.

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  1. i do not like sam or piole. but this nasty little bitch lolit solis’ lips should be stitched if she can’t learn to shut up. so what if the two were together? so what if they are gays? solis is what she says and is what she looks – RUBBISH.

  2. Eh may bad record na itong si lolit eh. Siya yung mastermind ng Manila Film Festival scam dati ni Gretchen and Gabby diba? Lol!

  3. matatalo si lolita dito. i have a friend na nasa coffee shop from 1 PM to 5 PM on that said date. imposibleng hindi daw niya makikilala sina sam at piola kung nandun nga sila. according dun sa isang waiter, ilang times na ngang nagmeet dun sina sam at piolo, pero there’s nothing malicious daw. usap lang, definitely hindi naglalampungan (syempre naman gawin ba nila yun in public???). Totoo daw na nakita na ang samiolo on the said place in the past, but definitely not on the date na ipinagdidiinan ni lolita.

    Feeling ko totoo yung article ni dolly anne na chinika lang kay lolit ang balita, wala sya talaga sa sofitel (hindi rin sha napansin nung friend ko who was at the coffee shop). tapos yung informer nya, mali ang pagkwento sa date and time kaya ayun, pinanindigan na lang ng bruha.

    talo talaga sya dito. I’m no fan of samiolo, pero sana makulong yan si lolit para matuto ng leksiyon.

    she blew it this time. BIG TIME.
    all she has is circumstantial evidence, no smoking gun. now the onus is on sam and piolo to prove the case to the magistrate. i can see miss solis writing settlement cheques. BIG WINNERS – the barristers and solicitors.

  5. with all the people in Manila, not one witness for Lolit’s story. given her past, she is a liar and a scammer. i don’t understand why she is even employed as a “juornalist”.

  6. i’m no fan of his, but piolo seems to be a genuinely nice guy. nasty people (like those screechy, bitchy movie scribes who give gays a bad name!) should give him a break! why the hell do many gays think everyone in their ranks should come out of the closet?!? silly mindset! though it’s an open secret in the industry that Piolo is indeed gay, he has a right to do whatever it takes to keep his sexuality under wraps–you would to, if you had a career that’s going great guns. those who insist he should do otherwise should just mind their own business and get on with their pathetically humdrum lives.

  7. people like piolo who doesnt come out and continuously deny their gayness will be constant targets of these types of attack.

    the fact that piolo denies being gay despite the many instances that it has been shown is such a big disappointment for me.

    i wish he would just come out now… it’s a great to time to do so!

    Good luck Piolo!!!

  8. THE 90s SAW THE OUTING OF GAY CELEBS…2000s is the grabbing by the legs of celebrities and throwing them into the slammer. i.e the “queen of mean” leona, cooking guru martha, i love paris hilton drunk-driving binges and soon OJ in his las vegas scam, footballer barry bonds steriod mania. it’s time the pinoys has its own version – DO I HEAR LOLIT SOLIS NAME? i’m reserving my seat at the trial room now. this will be better and pricier than the recent beyonce concert. MISS SOLIS SIP YOUR CHAMPAGNE SLOWLY…they don’t serve your brand at club bilibid.

  9. @MAPLE

    -hindi ata maiintindihan ni ms.solis english mo. hehehe kahit naintindihan man ang english mo, baka hindi niya maintindihan ang message mo. if maintindihan man nya, baka hindi rin kayann ng character niya ang gumawa ng tama.


    Edgar Cruz

    Lolit in real trouble

    If Lolit Solis loses the libel case that Piolo Pascual and Sam Milby will file against her, she will go directly to jail. She’s no longer entitled to probation having been convicted in the Manila Film Festival scam. This was the opinion of a court judge that Buzzstation sought to ask his reading about the issue. He read the Pilipino Star Ngayon column in which she reported seeing them engaged in homosexual behavior at the Hotel Sofitel poolside. He stated, “Dapat matakot siya.” He suggested for Lolit to settle out of court. He added, “Delikado siya dyan. Kahit saang anggulo mo tignan ang article, libelous.” It appears they have a good case against her. The judge also expressed that she will have a hard time defending herself. Piolo and Sam filed the libel case yesterday, Nov. 16, in Manila

  11. Ang showbiz talaga, di nawawalan ng issue. Noon lang, Ruffa-Yilmaz, then Gretchen-John E. Then Angel Locsin leaving Kapuso. Now it’s Samiolo vs Lolit. Right now, wala pang nakakapagpatunay kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo, si Sam at Piolo ba o si Lolita. Hindi pwedeng pareho. Ang problema ni Lolit, ang image nya na balahura. Sa paningin ng madla, siya ang Wicked Witch of the West who will never do good. But you know, even balahuras have a heart and make big mistakes; maybe lolit should just say mea culpa. Lolit is not a bad person. She is just one of them columnists who write, sometimes recklessly, about showbiz stars. Samiolo seems to be winning the image war because they are both nice guys and, so what if they are often seen together in public. I admire them for sticking to each other and not steering clear of each other just because there is this nasty rumor. I’m sure the libel suit wasn’t really their idea. It’s the lawyers’ and the management’s. Kasi itong mga taong ito ang makikinabang, kikita, keber na mahuhalukay ang kalalimlaliman ng buhay at pagkatao ni Sameolo dahil sa mga hearing. Walang panalo sa kasong ito.

  12. tumigil na nga ang mga nagpupumilit na mag out si piolo. lahat ng closeta may kanya kanyang reasons kung bakit ayaw mag out. wag sana silang i condemn, intindihin na lang sila as respetuhin. sobrang mabigat sa damadamin ang hindi magpakatotoo sa sarili because of things na nagpipigil sa kanila. supottahan na lang sila. kung lalantad, lalantad rin sila in their own time..

    at anong magpapala si piolo kung mag out aber? he has so much to lose! naiimagine nyo ba sya na mag ala rustom? in this country, ang mga self proclamed gays na artis ta ay hindi na pwedeng maging leading man. puro flamboyant gay roles lang. an those roles are limited. look at rustom, nagka urian nga… pero blooming ba ang career?

  13. I am legally (and happily) married with my Pinoy boyfriend (now husband) for two years now. We live together for twelve years, however, we can’t be open about our marriage or relationship since it would be damaging to our jobs. That’s just the reality in Philippine society. Many people of course tease us and make their allegations, but we never confirm. We can be open only if we are abroad.
    Hence I fully understand Piolo and Sam (if they have now a relationship or not, which I would find hot by the way…)
    But I really hate people like Lolit Solis how publicize stories about gays just for sensationality. It’s their private life and I would not like if this happens to me and my partner.
    There are so many scandals in the Philippines, expose those, where people inflict harm on others. But leave those in peace who love each other, but can’t show it openly

  14. CONGRATULATIONS PJ for winning the Best Actor for Single Performance for MMK Piso Episode and for Double Platinum Award. God is so good…you realy deserve all these blessings. This is just the beginning…next will be your successful TEN concert. I’m so proud of you for making the decision and sticking it out for the TRUTH. We are praying for this battle and support you all the way. They cannot put a good man down!!!

  15. About Lolit (cited from

    “Solis’ most controversial brush with the law was right after the 1994 Manila Film Festival Scam, where she and actress Ruffa Gutierrez were embroiled in an ultimately unsuccessful attempt to rig the results of the film festival in the awards for Best Actor and Best Actress.

    Solis later admitted to switching the names of the real winners for Best Actor and Best Actress (Edu Manzano and Aiko Melendez) for her talent, Gabby Concepcion and Ruffa Gutierrez.”

  16. obvious naman na gays sina sam at piolo. hindi ako fans nila. naaasar lang ako sa mga publicists like lolit. kaya mismo tayong mga pinoy mababa ang tingin sa local movie industry. kaya hinde umuunsad ang pelikulang pilipino, kasi imbes mga magagandang pagpupuna ang ginagawa eh puro paninira lang. sana nga makulong na ang lolitang yan. at magsilbing aral sa ibang gustong manira.

  17. Demandahang Piolo-Sam vs. Lolita, showbiz na showbiz!

    Alfie Lorenzo

    IT has been customary na kapag ang isang kapwa journalist ay nademanda to come to his/her aid and back-up the poor fellow. Ganyan din ang stand ng PAMI kapag may kasapi na hailed to court.

    But then, with Lolita Solis latest pronouncements even mentioning names like mine, and those of Peter Ledesma and Pete Ampoloquio in particular, Lolita is bound to earn more enemies than kakampi.

    Ako, si Pete and Peter are asking the same question Lolita Solis triggered in her TV interviews: “Why us? Why not the others too?”

    Kami bilang bystanders and observers cannot help but smile, with matching pagtataka sa ka-showbizan nitong demandang ito nina Papa Piolo ko at Sam Milby laban kay Lolita Solis.

    Mistulang ang mga pangyayari eh daig pa ang sinadya. Parang scripted na scripted. Dinaig ang the best works of Jake Tordesillas, Ronnie Carrasco, ni Robbie Tan at Maryo J. delos Reyes. Take note, friends.

    My texter +639174604071 — says: “Gud pm po Tito Alfie, 13 years ago po nangyari ang Manila Film Festival Scam ni Lolit Solis, kasi 1994 po ‘yun naganap. Thanks”.

    Salamat din po sa reminder. And now, our flashback (dedicated to our good friend Direk Maryo J. delos Reyes, who’s super-puri sa atin sa retentive memory natin na complete, kahit na hindi mag-Centrum silver, noh!).

    Good or bad publicity is still publicity. Kainitan ng giyera tungkol sa Filmfest scam, nu’ng bigyan ng GMA-7 ng talkshow itong si Lolita with “Startalk”. This is one time na hindi naging holier-than-thou ang mga advertisers na naglalagay lang ng mga commercials nila sa mga shows na walang bahid-dungis, kumbaga eh malinis sa televiewers ang programa. That was the first time that Lolita Solis defied traditions.

    “Startalk” is celebrating its 12th anniversary. Ang danyos na hinihingi ng mga nagdemanda kay Lolita na sina Piolo Pascual at Sam Milby ay P12 million! Parehong 12?

    Nu’ng mangyari ang scam, si Alfredo Lim ang mayor ng Maynila. Naging senador si Mayor Lim at ang pumalit sa kanya bilang mayor ay si Lito Atienza, na kinampihan nang husto ni Lolita at pina-Papa Lito niya. Sa alin mang gift giving ay si Lolita ang nagdi-distribute ng mga pamigay ni Atienza sa mga friends lang ni Lolita!

    How ironic naman na ngayong may kaso uli sa Maynila si Lolita Solis ay heto at si Alfredo Lim na uli ang mayor ng Maynila. Tuloy ang laban started 13 years ago?

    Naku, ha! Sa mga Amerikano ay lucky number ang 13. Datapuwa’t sa mga Filipino ay malas ang numero trese. Tatlong number 13 ang pasan ni Lolita ngayon. The scam that happened 13 years ago. ‘Yung 12th anniversary ng Startalk — one plus two equals three? Eh ang halaga ng demanda, 12 M naman — 1 plus 2 rin. Ay, that’s bad Lolit!

    Ano kaya, matulungan kaya ng Papa Lito Atienza niya itong si Lolita ngayon?

    The infamous words came from Viveca Babajee, na siyang bumigkas ng mga katagang “Take it! Take it!” na siyang title ng column ni Lolita, kung saan lumabas ang ibinalita niyang pagkakakita kina Piolo at Sam na may titulong “naglalampungan”. Demandang Lolita can’t take it?

    Ang drama ni Lolita ay 60 years old na raw siya at baka 63 na raw siya ‘pag ipinakulong siya. Inaantig niya ang kalooban nina Papa Piolo at Sam para kaawaan siya? Eh, siguro sa mediation ‘pag nakaharap na ni Lolita ang dalawa at nag-iiyak siya with matching kunwari ay nagsikip ang dibdib at maghima-himatayan, eh baka mabagbag ang kalooban ng dalawang aktor at iatras na lang ang demanda.

    Eh, hindi ba inaabot ng 10 years ang demandang ganyan, plus mag-apppeal pa sa Court of Appeals, tapos aakyat pa sa Supreme Court, eh aabot ng 20 years ‘yan kaya 80 years old na si Lolita!

    Ang laban daw ni Lolita according to her ay she’s telling the truth. Hindi siguro alam ni Lolita that “truth doesn’t exempt one from libel” for anyone can sue anybody, its all a matter of winning or losing.

    Pinanindigan ni Lolita na nakita niya talaga si Piolo Pascual, pero si Sam Milby hindi siya sigurado kung si Sam nga ‘yun. That weakened her defense! May ebidensya raw si Lolita na video file ng Sofitel hotel, na nakunan si Piolo na bumababa sa hummer niya. Ah, talaga?

    May file video pa kaya ang Sofitel hotel, gayung lahat ng mga taga-Sofitel, including the waiters na ani Lolita ay naka-identify sa kanya ay nanunumpa na wala silang nakitang Piolo o Sam, gaya ng isinulat ni Lolita sa Viveca Babajee-inspired column niya.

    Ibigay naman kaya ng Sofitel hotel ang video clip na sinasabi ni Lolita? Hindi kaya “nabura” na ‘yun?

    Isa pang tanong: Kung nakita ni Lolita sina Piolo at Sam, sina Piolo at Sam naman ba eh nakita si Lolita, kaya they scampered like rabbits away?

    Si Lolita ba talaga ang nakakita sa Papa Piolo ko at Sam o ‘yung ghost writer lang (kung meron man) ni Lolita? (Itutuloy)

    Pinaninindigan na lang ba ni Lolita ang sinulat ng “ghost writer” (meron nga kaya?), para hindi mabilad sa publiko na hindi naman pala siya manunulat talaga at iba lang ang sumusulat para sa kanya under her name? Speak up — Gorgy, Jojo and Ronnie C. May alam ba kayo diyan?

    Nung mangyari ang scam, ang tunay na winner bilang “best actor” ay si Edu Manzano, na pinalitan ni Lolita ng Gabby Concepcion na alaga niya (na nagtakwil naman sa kanya later on!).

    And in the “best actress” award, instead of Aiko Melendez ay si Ruffa Gutierrez ang pinanalo.

    Now again, the irony of it all na naman. Aiko and Ruffa are still very much “in” lately dahil sina Aiko at Ruffa ay parehong nahiwalay sa asawa!

    Aiko is very much in the news, dahil nahiwalay na naman sa second husband niyang si Martin Jickain. And Ruffa is now the interviewer, where before she used to be the one interviewed. Host na si Ruffa ngayon ng “The Buzz”.

    At si Gretchen Barretto, the very bestfriend of Ruffa ‘till this day, who spilled the beans and made buko of the mahiwagang envelope is very much in the news again too, dahil kay John Estrada and Tonyboy Cojuangco!

    The “best actor loser”, Edu Manzano is very, very much “in” and visible via the 5:00 a.m. show “Umagang Kay Ganda”, the noontime game show “Game KNB?” and the evening game show “1 vs. 100 Kids”, aside from being the controversial DVD pirate runner!

    At ang pinanalo ni Lolita na dating alaga niyang si Gabby Concepcion ay hayan at may balita na naman na gagawa na uli ng pelikula with Jolina Magdangal.

    Anoh ba ‘yan? Timing na timing ang mga karakters at swak na swak sa events?

    Rason ni Lolita, nagagamit daw siya nina Papa Piolo at Sam, dahil may coming-up respective concerts ang mga ito. Eh mas nauna ng nakagamit si Lolita kina Papa Piolo ko at Sam ah. Hindi ba timing ito sa kanilang 12th anniversary ng “Startalk”? Gamitan lang naman talaga ‘yang showbiz, hindebah naman?

    Nasagot na ni Atty. Joji sa “The Buzz” ang mga katanungang dapat na masagot, katulad nu’ng kung bakit sa Maynila nag-file ng demanda sina Papa Piolo ko at Sam, gayung pareho namang hindi resident ng Maynila ang dalawa. At bakit daw hindi sa Sofitel hotel ginanap ang presscon ng dalawang aktor, bakit daw sa Bayview hotel? Baka raw kasi magbombahan, para puwedeng makatakbo kaagad sa American embassy na nasa tapat lang ng Bayview. Joke!

    Ang dami raw kakampi ng Papa Piolo ko at Sam mula sa buong membership ng PMPC. Bukod diyan, taga-dzMM si Mayor Lim, si Atty. Joji ay ganoon din, kasi meron siyang “Ikaw at ang Batas”?

    Pare-pareho ba kaming taga-ABS-CBN? Sey nga ni Lolita, network war daw ito? At siya lang daw ang nagagamit?

    And who broke the camel’s back? Brokeback mountain?

    Mistulang makapili si Lolita na naghahanap ng mga kakampi. Bakit daw siya? And, why not? She mentioned us, Pete and Peter. Bakit daw kami hindi idinemanda rin? Puwes, kami naman ang magtatanong sa iyo Lolita:

    Tinatanong ka ba namin kung bakit palaging si Maryann Opeña ang palagi mong binabati sa Startalk at hindi kami? Bigyan ka man ng dollars at roundtrip ticket to the USA ni Maryann Opeña — nagtanong ba kami kung bakit kami, eh wala?

    Tinanong ka ba namin kung bakit hindi kami nasasayaran ng mga giveaways ni Mayor Lito Atienza and people of your choices lang ang binibigyan mo, kahit na kami man ay nagsusulat for Mayor Atienza, kahit na kami eh co-Bayanihan dancer ni Lito “Hawaiian Boy” Atienza?

    Nagtanong ba kami sa iyo Lolita kung bakit sinosolo mo ang mga giveaways ni Senator Manny Villar, kahit na kami ay maka-Villar din?

    Nung kumakabig ka, hindi mo kami naalala nina Pete & Peter, tapos ngayong ikaw ang nakabigan eh magtatanong ka ng “Bakit sina Alfie, Pete at Peter hindi ninyo rin idemanda?” Bakit girl, who broke the camel’s back ba? Kami ba?

    Binigyan ka namin ng Gabby Concepcion, Rosanna Roces, Christopher de Leon, Judy Ann Santos, Rod Samson and Mother Lily — may natanggap ba kaming pasalamat man lang?

    No wonder, Gabby and Osang turned against you dahil pala sa ugali mo! Kakampi mo pa naman sana kami. Eh bakit ‘di ka magtanong ngayon kung bakit sa Papa Piolo ko at Sam kami nakaduyan ngayon? Kaya pala nu’ng mag-guest kami sa Startalk, you refused to talk about my Papa and Sam kasi nga either kabado ka na or you’ve got something under your sleeves na against me, Pete and Peter na pala!

    You said 60 years old ka na. Itatanong kaya ng Papa Piolo ko at Sam kung bakit at your age eh irresponsible ka pa rin? Sana naman huwag. Respeto na lang sa isang old lady debah? Lady? Hindi kaya lady in disguise lang?

    Why not me? My Papa knows what we are writing about him is all in the spirit of fun. Sinagot na mismo ni Atty. Joji Alonso ang tanong ni Lolita: “Its not the right defense. Just because previous stories are bad doesn’t give you the license to do the same”.

    So who broke the camel’s back?

    Ang isa pang matalinong sagot ni Atty. Joji Alonso sa “The Buzz” nu’ng Linggo ay ang mismong sinulat ni Lolita ang tila nagkumpirma na sa lahat ng mga tsismis at bulung-bulungan tungkol sa nababalitang kabaklaan nung dalawa. So that’s what made the item more malicious!

    So again, who broke the camel’s back?

    Hindi bale Lolita, may back-up ka namang sangkatutak na senador ah, nandiyan sina Senador Jinggoy Estrada, Senador Bong Revilla, Rudy Fernandez at Phillip Salvador.

    Pero teka, hindi ba “itinakwil” ka ng mga alaga mo nu’ng scam days? At nagbalikan na lang when the coast was clear? This time kaya will they do the same?

    Hindi bale uli, debah ang dami pang senador ang nandiyan: Manny Villar at ….sino pa bah?

    Hala ka, si Mayor Fred Lim nga pala ay maka-Erap. Ipagpalit ka kaya ni Jinggoy kay Mayor Lim?

    So what has this case brought to Lolita again — will she stand to win or….lose more friends?


  18. jusko trulili talagang dun ang tagpuan ng dalawang hitad na itech…ang source…? nabayaran na ng abscbn anech!!!
    reliable talaga ang source (host) dahil bago pa man din nabalita kay manay L ang news eh talagang kalat na sa hotel ang pagiging superswit nila sam+piola.sympre bawal magsalita ang mga staff or else wa work!
    at eto pa, not only sam…meaning? bukod pa kay sam, meron pang iba sinasama si piola p. initials? E !
    korek, this is the moment na talaga na dapat lumantad na! oh laban k? gets? ask nyo na lang si puri t. at si kuya boy

  19. Wow, that was quite a mouthful from Alfie L. The longest post I read in this blog. Does this mean Alfie is completely severing ties with Lolit or is this just another word war na, well, showbiz lang?

  20. ang totoo ay tagpuan nga ng samiolo ang sofitel. ang mali ni lolita? mali ang date na sinabi ng ghost writer nya, kaya ang daming proof na naglabasan na wala ang samiolo on the said date… becoz they really weren’t there in the first place!

    kulong talaga ang aabutin ni lola lolita ditey!

  21. You mean “kulong talaga ang aabutin ni lola lolita ditey” dahil lamang sa ghost writer nya? Sino ba yang ghost writer na yan? Pahamak kay lolita ang damuho.

  22. all this is a non-issue. what i’m personally interested in is how lolit’s mind works. to me, she reflects the mindset of talent managers and movie writers – that they wield tremendous influence on actors, and that hearsays can be written about as gospel truths. they seem to have forgotten the 5 Ws in journalism as they dish out recycled stories that are lapped up as the truth by the tabloids and by cheap and petty talk shows like the buzz and showbiz central.

  23. Hi, Demure. Maybe it’s not the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where, why) in journalism that are being forgotten but the most basic requirement in newspapering: accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.

  24. ye3s, dearie, it’s Accuracy. if lolit has done the 5Ws, she could have achieved Accuracy, especially the Who (was it really Sam with Piolo?), and When, etc. good point.

  25. piolo and sam are good actors..pero tingin ko may point si lolit sa sinulat nyang yun..NAKATATAK NA SA KANYA ANG PAGIGING SINUNGALING…shes a big pinatulan din ng kapwa nya manunulat.con todo por pabor sa HARI NG, sino pa ba ang magkakampihan….eh, di yung mga sinungaling din…hehe..anyhow, sinakyan lang yata nila yong pupolaridad ng dalawa..ganyan ang taong mapurol ang pag-iisip kahit sa interview halatang sinungaling..para lang mapansin..aling lolit,mag retire ka na uyy..dami dyan mga competent writers and journalist na papalit sa yo at may integridad..amen!

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