“Cruise” DVD is now out!

Guys, remember the Men of Provoq‘s show last year – Cruise: A Provocative Tour? The video of the show is now out in major record stores. It contains shots of the show [shot minutes before the actual show, when the audience were still outside the NBC Tent eagerly anticipating the start of the flesh fest]. Here you’ll see John, Niko and Harry in their G-strings atop the monkey bars, Josh Ivan and Anthony as stripping Yakuzas, Chester and Gabb in butt-crack sequences, and oh, Justin as the plain big tease. Go buy.

25 thoughts on ““Cruise” DVD is now out!”

  1. Justin is the ultimate Hotman all these years..He has super sex appeal..Nice curves in the right places…..I watched the DVD and oh my kamuntik na matanggal yung plaster and slightly may nakita although medyo blurred but still so so so HOT!!!!!! Puro patikim lang ang exposure ni Justin sa movie or sa fashion show but very very temperature rising!!!

  2. OPEN-END ENDING…harry laurel’s virginal film L.S.P. left everybody wanting and craving for more, more, more. hopefully production staff would deliberate on a sequel. my personal thought: bring on JONRON as his co-star next time. no offence to justin, he earned his ovation and $$$(without dropping his thong)…next time i promise to buy the commercial DVD not the pirated. *****

  3. RD, keep on posting these DVDs now out and my shopping list is getting longer and longer everyday… my list includes HUBAD (got to have it), SIKIL (if available), CRUISE(i want ’em all), TROIKA (i love Janvier) & of course, Demure’s recommendation RED HOT mag. #4 … by the way, they also make good pasalubongs for my sistahs over here…7 more days (can’t wait) and my feet will touchdown N.A.I.A. (ahhh! fresh Manila air & no windchill)… SEE YOU ALL SOON *****

  4. si LOLIT SOLIS yata iyong nasa ibaba. ay hindi, si OCTAGENARIAN pala disguised as LOLIT…well what do you expect, it’s mardi gras or carnivale time wherever you may be…so have fun but be safe and protect… *****

  5. Available din ba outside Pinas (US)? Altho Niko’s my fave ‘coz he’s got that basketbolista-next-door look, Chester’s masturbation scene stood out in their first video, Harry looks so fresh and ready to be corrupted, and Johnron is hot in a Pinoy moreno way, si Justin ang pinaka-ma-appeal of all, I think partly dahil malaman siya. He looks like he’s always ready to receive a nice, wet, BJ. That’s a compliment. LOL

  6. Just bought a copy from Astroplus video store. My verdict? That much-touted show was a dud.

    Is Provoq a cultural dance group? Or a “demure” version of Chippendale? To mask the show as “cultural,” there was the Indian suite, then the Eyptian-inspired dance sequences, etc. which dragged on so slowly they could have bored the audience to death. The Chippendale rip-off came at the last 10 minutes, starting with the monkey bars which the boys pulled to show their powdered butt. It was fast-paced, all right, but the floor was littered with those back-up dancers. Ahh, those gay impersonators, and macho gay dancers! They dominated the show from start to finish I thought I was watching a lady boys revue in Bangkok. They were so distracting that if I were in the audience, I could have booed them out to hell.

    If you are looking for really sexy solo dance numbers from the boys that are fast to a clip, skin galore (without those queer dancers), or ultimate male seduction, you won’t have it in the video/ show. Well, Johnron was in it, and that to me is a saving grace…

    (It’s a blessing in disguise I missed that show due to an urgent appointment and had to resell my ticket to a friend for 50% less.)

  7. Excuse me anonymous jan 26 3:39 pm, Justin de leon may not be the most good looking of all pero he has the most appealing persona of all.and hes cute in person.and the guy is a hunk and has talent that is why madami syang projects noh…I still believe Justin de leon is a very hot property…..I love Justin de leon…super HOT!

  8. justin is chaka. 3 times ko na sya na sight at parang natutuyong gulay na ang itsura nya. malaman nga sya pero parang sa babaeng matrona ang muscles nya ha. hmmph!

    si johnron ang pinaka sexy. johnron forever!!!

  9. In the DVD version, when the girl dancer is holding Justin’s member, Justin de leon is just in his plaster na halos matatanggal na kasi sumisilip na ng konti ang skin ng member nya..Sayang sana tinanggal na nung girl totally para nasilip na ng todo..and it looks so FAT!!! Yummy Justin!!!

  10. Agree na naman ako kay Demure sa review nya ng video. Pero kay Anoynymous (January 26, 2008 3:39 PM), you always flatter Dolly Ann. If Justin and she are look-alikes, then Dolly Ann has her own wide sex appeal sa opposite sex. Ginawa mong goddess of seduction and beauty si Mareng Dolly Ann. Thank you raw, hahaha!

    Harry and Jonron as lovers in a movie? Ay, ‘yan na ang ultimate TITIllating gay love story! Gusto ko ‘yan!

  11. I am sorry pero Justin de leon has his sex appeal na wala sa ibang Provoq men…And to date, sya pa din ang pinakamaraming projects sa kanilang lahat…He has a movie with Krista Ranillo, he has a soap opera sa Channel 7 plus a soon hosting comedy show sa Studio 23…Nasan na ba ang mga iba nyang kasabayan??? Justin de leon is still all these years a very seductive man!!! Eh nasan na ba si Jonhron at si Harry??? Naglaho na…Go Justin! I love this hunk!

  12. to anonymous na supporter ni justin:

    okay lang naman na may projects si justin ngayon KASI MATAGAL NA SYANG NAGHUHUBAD AT MGA 6 YEARS ATA SYANG NAUNA KAY JOHNRON AT HARRY, OKAY? matanda na yan e. tapos pagiling giling pa rin sa ganyang show. kasabay pa nya si allen dizon na nagretire na sa paghubad no? si johnron at harry ay mas bata at di sila dapat ma-expect na marami agad projects no? e si justin ba nung nagsimula, may movie agad, aber?

  13. I am sorry to say pero when Justin was just starting he has numerous TV shows sa Channel 2 and Channel 13, hosting jobs pa…Eh anong magagawa natin eh binibigyan pa din sya ng Viva ng mga ganung projects..Kung talagang may potential yang si Johnron eh di dapat binigyan sya ng role sa isang pelikula pero wala eh…I am sorry to say pero may talent kasi si Justin kaya may staying power..Tingnan natin sina Harry o johnron kung kahit TV show man lanh eh magkaroon yan…Sige nga….Eh wala na nga si Johnron sa Men of Provoq eh, saan pa sya pupulutin….I am sorry but Justin is here to stay..Babooo na sa career ( kung meron man ) si Johnron……and kay Harry, pag may next probinsyano role ulit baka magkaproject sya….

  14. mga badish, wag na po natin patulan ang fanatic ni justin na yan. baka nanay ni justin yan, o di kaya ay si justin mismo, o alalay na talag pahid ng pawis sa singit ni justin de leon.
    ang tipo ng fanatic ni justin na yan ay papatay kapag siniraan ang justin nya na magang maga na ang pisngi sa kahuhubad. yun lang!!!

  15. Ako crush ko si Justin…bat may away dito??? Grabee naman lahat naman sila cute…Tama na ang away….Magpantasya na lang tayong lahat..Irespeto kung sino ang type ng bawat isa..Pero okay naman si Justin in my opinion…He has been one of my favorites nung Viva hotmen pa sya I like him…Peace..Sa fanatic ni Justin, relax lang!!! 🙂

  16. mga ate, anu yung difference ng DVD & VCD nito? nag-buy na kase ako agad nung vcd nya sa astrovision kc wla pa raw yung dvd… ask ko lang kung may special features ba. yun kasing M2M MASAHE DVD meron daw, kung kailan nman VCD lang ang binili ko… haay, kung meron lang magbebenta ng DVD ng M2M masahe, bibilhin ko tlaga kahit burn

  17. I like Justin’s number in Cruise..His number is the most seductive of all..Sayang nga lang at hindi pa hinablot nung girl yung plaster para masight ko how big Justin is…hehehe:-)

  18. Who still has a copy? I want to buy one. Wala na kasi akong makita sa mga record stores. Here’s my number 09985387668…

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