Harry Fever

A lot of readers have been emailing me lately requesting [or better yet, insisting] on more features of Provoq discovery Harry Laurel, aka Harry Chua. Reader harrychuachika, however, was gracious enough to send me the photo above [with the woman cropped], with a pre-Provoq Harry joining some small bikini contest a year ago. No details were given though, if the cute chinito won. Just the same, Harry’s debut flick, Ang Lalake sa Parola will be shown on September 3 at the UP Film Institute, where – as Screenplay writer Lex Bonife would promote – you will see the family jewels of the lead actors. Tickets will be sold at the site, at Php 100. For more information about the movie, you may pester and badger Lex at lexbonife@yahoo.com.

9 thoughts on “Harry Fever”

  1. Will the DVD and VCD formats be uncut version as well? Ano kaya yung scene na wala sa DVD which we can watch sa UP Film Institute RD? Thanks

  2. ung regular ba na showing ng movie sa robinsons cinema sa feb 08 sa 2008 pa?how do we get tickets on september 3?

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