Harry’s Game

Of course, by now you know the story of Harry Chua renamed Harry Laurel for Provoq. Prior to making it big in the gay consciousness via the daring Parola movie, he was an innocent teener in bikini contests. Leftmost photo above was taken during the Ginoong Albay 2004 contest, where he lost. The middle photo shows Harry in another small contest at the King’s Royale Resort in San Fernando, Pampanga [he won]. And then, his major win in the big city, rightmost photo, was at the Heatwave Bikini Showdown in Metropolis Mall, Alabang.

In a recent conversation with Johnron, he mentioned that Harry has not lately been included in the appearances of their group [referring to Provoq] because cute Harry has no discipline as regards food and gym. Johnron declared matter-of-factly that Harry got fat. Now, I am for diversity and Provoq is such a motley group of sexy guys, e.g. old [Anthony Logan], lean [Niko Arellano], short [John Miller], gay [___], etc., so why can’t somebody on the heavy side be in the group? [And besides, Ken Escudero, who is a bit weighty, is also now included in Provoq!] Nevertheless, Harry Chua is such an adorable cub these days. Photos above were sent in by AdoraMawanay with a note that the images were taken at Tinago Falls in Iligan last month. I am so loving Harry right now!

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  1. “Why can’t somebody on the heavy side be in the group?”

    -> I couldn’t agree with you more, RD. I love Harry chubby. Hihihi.

  2. Dati na siyang chubby so what’s the problem now? Sobra ba attitude problem?

    At RD, nag-blind item ka pa. Sino naman ang gay sa Provoq?

  3. dear Mr. Dantes,

    I am so glad that you have featured (again!) Mr. Harry Chua. Actually being a Bicolano, i am proud that he was able to make it in showbiz.
    i admire you also for a wonderful site which i believe,like me, has been visited frequently by bloggers.

    Unfortunately, i was a little bit upset to see the 1st picture of Harry Chua which is exactly similar to what i took during the pageant.
    Please visit my blog http://desert-69.blogspot.com/2007/10/is-harry-chua-g-albay-2004-candidate.html

    and i was sure, with a little of photoshop, the picture was mine.
    it added to my dismay when you encrypted your name on that picture.

    I do not mean to embarrass you, but i think i deserve a credit and an apology.

    I always patronize your blog and i was happy that you gave us a site that made us feel comfortable.


    don (desert-69.blogspot.com)

  4. When you said heavy, I thought, “Biggest Loser”-heavy. Di naman ah. He remains as cute as ever. [kilig] :O LOL

  5. Hi Lex, sana may Lalake sa parola 2…I hope Harry and Justin sequel…I always admire Justin for his acting, magaling and may depth, very raw pero parang Jacklyn Jose ang dating..Wala bang nakaline up sa kanya na launching film?.Si harry naman oh so cute and huggable, sana masundan ang Parola nila..Harry and Justin somewhat made the Indie Film phenomenal! Congrats to Lex!..

  6. bakit kaya di sya makapasok sa mainstream???? ok naman kahit papaano ang acting nya sa parola di ba??? may problema ba sa kanyang manager??? or people in the mainstream look down on this kin of actors??? bakit si justin nasa mainstream???? sana join sya sa pbb celeb para makita ko sya sa tv….

  7. Personally, I’m not impressed by his acting, but who cares? Good acting is a plus, but in a group like Provoq, I dont think acting is the main criterion.

    And true. Why not have someone on the heavier side? Ako nagsawa narin sa sobrang model look..some reality and tummy makes people look better. 🙂

  8. obviosang insecure si johnron kay papa harry. derogatory ang pagkasabi nya na tumaba si harry huh. inggit lang dahil mas wafu na nga si harry sa kanya, career nya non existent pa. haha

  9. i know him and he knows me.. nkajam q rn xa lately s bar.. he’s a great guy.. mejo shy pero still great.. d lng xa mbgyan ng atensyon xe nttabunan ng mga dirty showbiz man-whores na binebenta srili s mga muvi producers pra sumikat.. and oh i luv it wen he calls me by my pet name.. lol

  10. Syangapala, Congratulations to Justin de leon for being nominated as Best Supporting Actor in Golden Dove Awards for the movie Ang lalake sa parola..this just proved one thing, the guy has TALENT!!! Way to go Justin..I hope u win!

  11. hey i saw lalake sa parola and i just wanted to check with you guys – was that his hard cock that they actually filmed?

  12. wwhen i was still in cebu palagi kami nagkakasabay ni harry sa isang internet cafe dun.usually gabi or madaling araw xa nagnenet.naglalaro xa.he is really cute for me.sobrang bait pa nya.may number nya ako dati kaya lang na snatch cell ko.dalawa number nya dati.

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